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At the beginning of the play "Blood Brothers", the narrator introduces Mrs Johnstone as The mother so cruel is this an accurate description of her?

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At the beginning of the play Blood Brothers, the narrator introduces Mrs Johnstone as ?The mother so cruel? is this an accurate description of her? Blood brothers is a play about two twin brothers, Mickey and Edward who are separated at birth, due to the fact their mother, ?Mrs Johnstone? can?t financially and physically cope with looking after both children and both ending up growing up in completely backgrounds; one a quite privileged background and the other a poor upbringing. In the beginning of the play the mother of Mickey, Mrs Johnstone is described as ?a mother so cruel?, in a way she is cruel. However is this description an accurate description of her? ...read more.


Firstly, Mrs Johnstone was quite poor and she had seven children already and another two would be too much for her to handle, due to the fact she would not be both physically and financially able to and she probably thought giving away Edward was the best thing for her to do not only for Edward?s sake but also for her other children?s sake. Also, this isn?t an accurate description, because it wasn?t Mrs Johnstone?s idea to give one of her twin babies away in the first place, it was Mrs Lyons. When Mrs Lyons says ?give one of the to me?, Mrs Johnstone never previously thought of the idea and suddenly realizes what a good idea it is and convinces herself it?s the best thing to do and that her child will end ...read more.


of Marilyn Monroe? and her husband did not want to take her dancing anymore and we learn how her children have led her to age a lot quicker, as she says ?by the time I was twenty, I looked forty two?. This shows how hard things must?ve been for her and shows maybe she ?had? to give her baby away for her own sake too. Overall, I don?t think ?a Mother so cruel? was an accurate description of Mrs Johnstone, because she was under a lot of pressure before giving birth to twins and was only trying to at least give one of her sons a good life. She probably didn?t particularly want to give away Edward, but was only being a loving mother and was doing what she thought was best for him. ...read more.

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