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At The Beginning Of The Play The Narrator describes Mrs Johnstone As The Mother So Cruel. What Do You Think Of Mrs Johmstone?

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At The Beginning Of The Play The Narrator describes Mrs Johnstone As The Mother So Cruel. What Do You Think Of Mrs Johmstone? The play has many themes. It shows the irony of the class system where the twins, born from the same mother have completely different lives. Mickey who stays with his real mother grows up seeing "chicken and chips" and "corned beef" as treats, where as Edward has everything he wants such as "dictionaries" a big house and lots of money. Mrs Johnstone I think feels guilty about this, which is one of the reasons that she doesn't like seeing Edward. Mrs Johnstone at the beginning of the book is described as "the mother so cruel." ...read more.


"he wopuldn't have to worry about where his next meal was coming from" This line is shoiwing how Mrs Johnstone is trying to convince herself that Edward would have a better life with the Lyons family. After she gets really excited about her baby growing up in a rich household she realises it would be morally wrong and starts to get more cynical. "An... you would look after him wouldn't you? The caesura here is supposed to represent Mrs Johnstone sound more cautious about the whole situation. After the babies are born time jumps forward a few years so we don't see Mrs Johnstone's reaction to actually giving the baby away. ...read more.


When Mrs Lyons moves away, so to does Mrs Johnstone, whether this is coincidence or fate or just Mrs Johnstone trying to get close to Edward again, we are never told the true reason for this. At the end of the play when Mickey points the gun at Edward and Mrs Johnstone decides that she has to tell them that they are brothers. The dramatic irony is then over and and Mickey kills Eddie. "The gun explodes and blows Edward apart." This dramatic death must have broken Mrs Johnstones heart but to be followed by her other son being killed must be the worst punishment any mother could have. I think this is fates way of punishing Mrs Johnstone for separating the babies in the first place. ...read more.

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