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At the time of McCarthyism, Arthur Miller had a close friend who had been accused and was willing to 'name

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THE CRUCIBLE In 1692, puritan Massachusetts was a difficult place to live. The Puritans were people who had left England to live a pure and holy life in America. They obeyed the laws of the bible and were a very superstitious group of people. They believed that any behaviour that opposed the bible, even the tiniest thing, was of the devil and his witches. In 1950's America there was a Senator called Joseph McCarthy who led the Un-American Activities committee. This meant that he was in charge of ridding the continent of anything that was deemed Un-American. It had not been long since the Second World War and all Americans were very paranoid about the rise of communism in some of the eastern European countries. Joseph McCarthy was not at all interested in putting people in jail but 'naming names'- he wanted to know the names of those who were involved in communism. This process was soon to be known as McCarthyism. ...read more.


However, later on in the text she says to him "I cannot Judge you John" this implies that only God can Judge him. There is an ongoing theme in the crucible about the Ten Commandments and "Do not lie" is the 9th Commandment. This would therefore show that she would like John to make the Christian decision to tell the truth. Even if death is a consequence. Not long after they meet Elizabeth says, " I want you living John. That's for sure" This is a bold statement in which there is no hidden agenda. Through this statement we can see as clear as crystal that she wants her husband alive. Nevertheless she also says " It is come to naught that I should forgive you...It is not my soul. It is yours" Yet again we see here that she is torn between her faith and her husband. As a Puritan her faith instructs her to advise that her husband tell the truth. ...read more.


If I were to direct the crucible I would tell the actress playing Elizabeth that she needed to give off an heir of mystery. Elizabeth is powerful character yet still submissive. She understands that the stories of witchcraft are pretence but gives way to the beliefs of the men. The actress playing Elizabeth should have a high status, which is concealed in a lowly housewife. Never should she give off the impression that she has thoughts of her own. Youth has no longer provided her innocence and age has not yet granted her wisdom. In conclusion I can say that Elizabeth wanted her husband to live. She shows, on numerous occasions, that she feels that he is to good for death. Despite the fact that she is always saying that: whatever his choice is, it is the right one. She is always hinting that she wishes he would choose life. Sadly in the end of the play he chooses truth and death. However much this brings sorrow to Elizabeth she soon realizes that John's soul is secure in heaven and not lingering on earth destined for hell. ...read more.

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