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Athletes should be permitted to use performance enhancing drugs

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Athletes should be permitted to use performance enhancing drugs I am against the motion for athletes being permitted to use performance enhancing drugs. Higher blood pressure, higher cholesterol levels, higher risk of heart disease, liver damage of, premature growth, testicular cancer, abnormally large amounts of acne, breast development in men; these are all the harmful side effects of using steroids. This makes taking drugs severely dangerous for the user of steroids. Normal exercise is by far better for the human body than taking drugs. So why take drugs, what's the point of putting dangerous toxins into your body. Normal exercise will develop your physical and mental health in the best way possible. Children within our world are important to every single one of us. And at their young age they need to be shown right from wrong. We all here know that children have idols. So when they get into sports at their young age they will choose their idol that shall be their icon. Now what happens if their idol is one which takes drugs? Picture this; your child watches their idol on TV. ...read more.


Most professional athletes work extremely hard to achieve their goals. They work extremely hard to be in the best shape that they possibly can get into. Without cheating themselves by using drugs. So why should some other athletes be allowed to come and just get to take dangerous drugs just to cheat themselves out of doing all the hard work of training and exercise which is extremely good for you. Put yourself in their shoes. The shoes of the hard working athletes. How would you feel? You would not be happy at all. I know I sure well would not be happy of the fact that some other athlete could come along and get a gold medal that he didn't even work for. Picture this you are Usain Bolt the fastest man on earth. And you have become the fastest man on earth because you have spent most of your life training. And you would deserve that title. Your country calls on you to represent them in the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. So you spend a year training for the 100 meter sprint that you will compete in during the Olympic Games. ...read more.


You may want to say that it is their bodies so they can do with it what they want to do. Or maybe you want to say that they did not ask to be children's idols. But that is where you are wrong. If you are an adult you should be acting as one. You should show your maturity and show children that you are their idol because you truly are a great athlete of which they really admire. And you will also be wrong about it being their own bodies. Because all that they showing us is that they are too lazy to get into shape and keep in shape. You want to cheat yourself out of doing the exercise. Lets look at another point laws are there to show us the right things. Now if you make a law saying that performance enhancing drugs are permitted for athletes to use. Then you have demoralized the word "LAW". So lets us all not do wrong, lets us all, every single one of us do what is right. To conclude my argument I would like to tell you to not allow performance enhancing drugs to cheat us all. Thank you ?? ?? ?? ?? Miles Monge 10B 1 ...read more.

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