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Attack Of The British Public

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Flu Fear Conquers Britain Has seasonal flu been overruled by the new flu's? Is there no such thing as "normal" flu? Why is it that all we ever see in the news is "Bird flu has mutated; it's on the rampage" or "Swine Flu's on the rise"? I remember when I was little, pigs and birds used to be children's favourite animals. Today they are portrayed as filthy, germ-infested creatures. Even though every person that died from swine flu had an underlying medical condition, the population of Britain insists on overreacting. I for one am exhausted from having to explain to people that if another person sneezes, sniffles or coughs, it does not necessarily mean that they have Bird flu, Swine flu or whatever new outbreak they've seen in the news. ...read more.


A plane from Madrid to New York, a 9 hour flight, left the gate with 138 passengers onboard, 2 of the people had a mild case of swine flu. When the plane arrived in the New York airport, all passengers where checked for swine flu; they found only 2 cases. So, everything you see in the news about swine flu being highly contagious isn't true. Actor Rupert Grint (Ron Weasly from Harry Potter ) was infected by the virus. When asked how he felt he said "Mentally I thought I was dying, no thanks to the news, but physically I had a cold re-formed." Out of nearly 7 billion people in the world only 337 people have ever had bird flu. ...read more.


Run for our lives? If someone said, "seasonal flu was going to attack" we wouldn't run around like a headless chicken All the news wants from us is a big reaction so that we will keep on paying their wages by buying or watching the news. Britain has a big reputation. For being over-priced, being overly green and now overreacting. Let's turn our reputation around. We may not have the authority to change our prices, enough spray paint to change our colour, but we can stop overreacting to the news. Whenever swine flu or bird flu or any other kind of outbreak comes on you are allowed to turn the television off. We were once a great nation able to fight back anyone who tried to conquer us. Lets not let flu hysteria conquer us. 03/10/2009 11:48 03/10/2009 11:48 03/10/2009 11:48 ...read more.

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