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Attack of the clones.

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Attack of the clones The world can be changed and will be changed by the mere click of a button from the grey old guy from 32nd Street, New York. Lurking deep from under his floorboards of his century old house that is where his laboratory lies littered with the hi-tech equipment and experiments of Dr Roberts. It was just another Saturday in the autumn season to the people of New York. The beginning of their long awaited weekend once again, to Dr Roberts it was more, much more this was the day he was at his most inventive as the creation of the railway. He would spend hours upon hours in his laboratory of his darkest secrets. He would be there until early morning Sunday. Today he had been thinking this was the day he was going to do something special. It had come to him in a dream, cloning he knew a lot about the subject, he had formerly worked for the government doing all sorts of experiments including cloning animals just like sheep. It was of course one of his strengths, but what he was about to embark upon would be his worst weakness. ...read more.


He asked what had happened, as he was too far way to see what all those people were running away from. She switched the TV on and the news was on and they were showing footage of the clones tearing their way through people's property. Wait a minute he said to her how come these people who are attacking them all look the same. She blurted out trying to control her tears maybe there aliens. They're going to take over the world after they have killed us all. Suddenly fearing for both of their lives, he said we wouldn't have time to get out of New York, as traffic would be pure chaos. So he told her to get all the food in the apartment and take it down into the cellar. He went upstairs and grabbed all the blankets he could find and put them in the cellar with some carpet. Christine started to pray while Jonathan lit some candles form the box in the corner with a collection of old newspapers from the 1920s. The cellar, dark and dingy with not much food to eat, sleep and live. The cellar was full of litter and old newspaper clippings and books. ...read more.


They were somehow perfect in everyway, they were always on time and late was not a word in their vocabulary. They were also somehow robotic in their ways but didn't take orders from anyone. The clones fell out over who should eat whom and who should be the first to eat them. They ended up in a bitter fight, punches were thrown but they were evenly matched, as they were the same in every way. The clones ended up killing each other; Jonathan then got himself untangled and untied Christine. Now they were free once more something that they knew they could not guarantee next time. Soon after they met some more humans who had survived the attack of the clones and news spread to other survivors that the only way to get rid of them was to get them to kill each other. Fighting of the clones spread everywhere and the number of clones was reduced to five hundred. The following week the streets were again returning to normal life, it was something that they'd all lived through except for some unfortunate few. For Jonathan Edwards it was something he was never going to forget as he could not believe how one minute the clones were growing in numbers, then they were dying out the next. ...read more.

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