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Atticus, Chapters IX-XI

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Atticus, Chapters IX-XI Atticus Finch is a single parent, his wife died two years after Scout was born. Atticus' caricature is a wise owl I think. He wears glasses, he is middle aged, intelligent and he always seems to have the answer to the children's questions. In chapters nine to eleven we discover more about Atticus' job and working environment. The wise man said that "every lawyer gets at least one case in his lifetime that affects him personally. This one is mine, I guess." The man is accepting what he has to do and because of his morale and conscience he cannot refuse the case. ...read more.


Their opinion of him changes at the end of the chapter because during this chapter Jem and Scout spend the time finding out what their father does that had the admiration of anyone. Then something happens on the road that they live at. A dog, spotted by Jem, appears on the street. The dog is acting strangely. The children, being children don't know what he is doing so they ask Calpurnia. Calpurnia is shocked when the children explain the dog's behaviour and rings Atticus, Miss Eula May. Atticus and the Sheriff arrive. If a dog is sick and is dying then he is a danger because someone else can catch the disease. ...read more.


This makes it obvious that he does not want to fire this gun in front of everyone. Atticus shoots the dog, and like the sheriff said, it is a one-shot job. The dog "didn't know what hit him." Jem is shocked after this. He is speechless. Atticus doesn't seem to like his old reputation and he leaves as quickly as he can. Miss Maudie is pleased about the incident. She is pleased to see that the children have changed their mind about Atticus. Atticus in chapter eleven again proves that he is a man of principles and also a man of rules, he makes Jem apologize to Mrs Dubose, and he makes Jem do the reading to Mrs Dubose and even though Mrs Dubose insulted Atticus he still respects her. Atticus throughout this novel has respect for everyone. ...read more.

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