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Atticus character sketch

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Atticus Character Sketch Atticus Finch is one of the major characters in Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird written in 1960. Atticus is a lawyer in Maycomb, the representative of Alabama in the State Legislator and the father of Scout and Jem Finch. The major themes and ideas in Lee's novel such as social inequality and intolerance, education, legal justice and bravery are represented through this character. Although he is the most important character in To Kill a Mockingbird (aside from the narrator, Scout), Atticus is never described in great detail. Atticus is rather tall (probably over six feet), has black hair that is turning grey, and wears glasses because of an inherited family eye problem. ...read more.


As a citizen, Atticus is highly responsible and highly respected. He is elected unopposed to the state legislature and works hard for it. Miss Maudie spears for the community when she tells aunt Alexandra, "Whether Maycomb know it or not, we're paying him the highest tribute we can pay a man. WE trust him to do right" (Chapter 24). His conduct and conversation through the book shows that he is entirely free from the unusual Maycomb faults of pride, racism and hypocrisy. Atticus is also a truly religious man, who puts into practice Christian teaching on love, tolerance and forgiveness of other. As he tells scout "I do my best to love everybody" (Chapter 11)he teaches his children not to bear grudges and tries to find excuses for even his enemies. ...read more.


The way Atticus deals with his children has made them respect him and grow more proud of him as time passes, although they once have felt sorry that their father is older and less energetic than other children's fathers. Atticus Finch is an ideal good citizen, a skillful and honest lawyer as well as an understanding father. The character is influential on the other characters in the novel and on people in the real world as well. His insightful attitudes and deeds distinguished him as a highly respectable and appreciated citizen in the community he lived in. His personality urged people to choose him as their representative even though they sometimes criticize him for doing the unpleasant things that must be done. ...read more.

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