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Augurey and the Time Traveller

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Augurey and the Time Traveller 'I drew a breath, set my teeth, gripped the lever with both hands, and went off with a thud. Looking out of my cellar window, I saw that day quickly turned to night, and it was dark. The moon appeared in the night sky - within the space of a few minutes, the moon had moved entirely across the sky, and in the distance, dawn was breaking. I pulled on the lever a little harder to speed up time, and quickly it was day again. Saturday, I thought to myself, shopping day, and sure enough, within seconds people were rushing in and out of the butchers, bakers, and grocers. They were going at a super speed - one person seemed to visit all three shops, have what looked like a lengthy conversation with the vicar, and leave contented with the weeks purchase in about thirty seconds. Again a little harder I pulled on the lever, people were now just a blur, all that I could tell is that I was now going about a day every five seconds. I now felt very sick and dizzy; all the flashing lights of the changing days had made me disorientated. Even though I felt sick, I also felt a huge sense of success. ...read more.


I dropped the watch, and as it hit the ground, it simply became rooted to its spot, as if a strong magnet had been placed underneath it. The watch stayed there for a while, and as I went to pick it up, it crumbled into dust, and dissolved into the floor. When I looked up again, there was a purple cloud surrounding me. I felt all the warmth drain out of me, and I fell to the ground. I opened my eyes, and looked around me. This time, there was something, and it looked like I was in a huge cavern. The walls were high, and they met together in a huge domed roof. It wasn't the same colour as before either, it looked like what a medieval castle looked like - stone walls, stone floors - there was even a number of large golden chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. It looked like it could be a palace, for ahead of me, perched at the top of a small flight of stairs, was a huge, elegant throne, dark oak, red velvet, with gold etchings along the top. I walked up the steps, and towards the throne - I noticed that the writing was in English. Not only that but it had elegant curls on each letter, and it read: 'Beware the human standing there, Beware the chair, beware the glare, Of ...read more.


generally, we cannot make them habitable for us, that is a skill we have not yet perfected...the last time we tried to create a habitable planet was what you call Jupiter, and that is our last attempt' 'So I created your world?' I asked 'Oh no, we did that, you just provided us with a habitat that we could survive on' Augurey said. 'And is there any way to change what i've done?' I asked 'Alas no' Augurey replied 'this will happen whether you try to avoid it or not' Augurey continued 'It would now be best for you to return home' 'But...' I started, but again I felt all of the warmth drain out of me and I fell to the floor. When I awoke, I was sitting in my chair, in my machine, in my laboratory. I pulled my watch out of my pocket (it had been returned), and the watch was working again, the hands were normal. The hands were pointing to 12 and 3 - 3pm I thought. I had been gone for no time at all, it was exactly the same as when I left. I then changed into this' Showing off his suit 'And the doorbell rang, you entered, and I began - I drew a breath, set my teeth, gripped the lever with both hands, and went off with a thud' Jonathan McCallum 1 ...read more.

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