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Aunt kiki - creative writing.

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Nura Hassan Aunt kiki There she is, the person with no self respect. It is as if all the dignity has been drained out of her to all that's left is a mindless zombie. Walking into the room with not a care in the world of what she looked like or even what other people thought of her. While she enters the room the distinct odour of tobacco and burnt shrubs fills my lungs and nostrils, the fetid smell of her clammy body embraces me. Why kill yourself for a white stick (cigarettes) and me?, my aunt was always a arrogant and proud woman but very bigoted, that's why she never listened to anyone else and the cause of her becoming like this. ...read more.


unfortunately, the tight top shows her belly that looks like jelly. Her flab sticks out, bobs up and down as she strides. Her top is a bright sky blue with silver writing "sexy bitch". the laces of her espadrilles spiral up to her knees making a criss cross pattern, the heels themselves are about 6 inches high, which make her look like a daddy long legs. She has a relatively small body, long legs and a big head. Colour co-ordination is an essential part of kikis like. She always said to me " a man wont go for you for your looks, but only if you know how to dress, always try to impress" I pondered the questioning whether people do indeed marry for looks or for mainly for love. ...read more.


Tears of rejection flow down her face furthermore the foundation on her face itself looks like a second layer of skin, trying to cover all close "unseen blemishes", mascara is dripping down her eyes like a stream of blood. If love causes this much pain why do so much to get it, I wonder. Then ironically she whispers "men aren't worth it". I see both the physical and mental destruction and Annihilation that wanting to be loved badly has caused. I believe that patience is a virtue. Her mind is now twisted after bad experience with men. Now I know I know. This is like a warning not to be a victim of love. I will not exploit myself for others who are just like me. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Love Poetry section.

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