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Australian Bushrangers Essay. Banjo Patterson and Will. H. Ogilvie presents the two deaths of well known bushrangers, Ben Hall and John Gilbert in poems How Gilbert died and The Death of Ben Hall.

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What specific 'Australian' image/s are portrayed by the two poems? Compare the two poems and show how the composers differ/don't differ in their respective perspectives on the image/s. Australian images are portrayed though two similar poems that depict the deaths of Australian bushrangers. Bushrangers in the history of Australia have a special place in the hearts and the imaginations of Australians. Banjo Patterson and Will. H. Ogilvie presents the two deaths of well known bushrangers, Ben Hall and John Gilbert in poems 'How Gilbert died' and 'The Death of Ben Hall'. These composers portray iconic Australian images of Australian bushrangers, as well as the traitorous 'mates' that these bushrangers trusted, only to find out that they have been sold for the matter of greed. The composers cleverly represent the Australian images through intensified imagery and techniques throughout the poems to enforce the idea of the Australian image. Outlaw are remembered with pride and admiration rather than the contempt and hate that they probably deserved, as many were violent and ruthless criminals who made their livings by murdering and stealing. ...read more.


The Australian culture is built around the aspect of loyalty in which the society views friends as family. However, both poems depict the death of the two bushrangers as a tragic loss as both were betrayed by people that they had trusted. Both bushrangers had a thousands pounds on their heads as rewards, both being sold from people they called 'mates'. In the poem 'How Gilbert Died', Gilbert takes refuge in his grandfather's hut only to find out that he had been sold by his own family member. Patterson uses irony to depict the death of Gilbert was not worth, and attempts to humiliate Gilbert's grandfather, 'and their grandsire gave them a greeting bold: "Come in and rest in peace no safer place does the country hold.. and hell with the black police"'. This quote is full of irony as the phrase 'rest in peace' is a short epitaph expression wishing eternal rest and peace to someone who has died. ...read more.


A bushranger spends his life riding, therefore must have undergone many crimes and murders during his time, however Ogilvie depicts that the ride of a traitor is much worse than anything else. He ends the poem with 'I would rather sleep with the dead Ben Hall than go where that traitor went', which further enforces his hate towards traitors. Both composers defy the stereotypical view of the iconic image of the Australian people as loyal and loving. They portray the Australian image of mateship, however in a different perspective, that not everyone can be trusted. The two poems, 'The Death of Ben Hall' and 'How Gilbert Died' show an interesting view of the Australian image of outlaws. The composers cleverly use techniques to enforce the numerous Australian images such as the view in which Australians in today's society view bushrangers and the ongoing aspect of the Australian culture of friendship. However both composers, Patterson and Ogilvie, presents a new perspective in which the image of 'mates' are portrayed as traitors for the sake ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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