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auto biography

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Autobiography Hey my name is Luke Wye, (or ginge for short) My life began on 16th December in St Mary's Hospital, Paddington, London. I was supposed to be born on the 15th. It was a tough 17 hour labour, till I came out with my bright red hair. When I got home to our flat in Paddington, I met my sister Jade for the first time. I didn't like my sister, she took my giant gorilla toy away from me and wouldn't let me play with it she also dropped all her toys on me and then just forgot about it. As these were the first impressions of her I didn't like her much. This event in my life followed on from the last not liking my sister. When I was about 1-2 I was still living in London we had a fire in the living room at this time I had 2 years of watching my mum and dad poking the fire with a big metal pole that used to make the fire bigger when you poked it(Now I know it does more than that) ...read more.


My dad stayed in London and me and Jade tried to visit him every half term. Mum used to take us by train to Ipswich then dad took us down to London by train, then we got his amazing campervan with airplane seats. When I got to his house I was surrounded by junk, magazines, ornaments, games, papers he was a bit of a junk collector you might say. Then I was introduced to the Lego room, which was packed full of Lego, it was supposed to be an office but he converted it into a Lego warehouse, with every shape size and colour you can imagine. We used to spend days playing with Lego making little pirate ships and castles and battling them out, destroying was always the best part for me, but I think dad was a little upset to see them abused, so he started to glue his favorite models together. Outside he had a really nice motorbike it was orange with shiny silver metal work, this was when I first wanted a bike I was completely fascinated. ...read more.


to the rental place and gave them the bike back but because of the slight damage we didn't get our deposit back which I thought was pretty unfair. After this my life has been pretty boring until there have only been a few good things, like when me and my best mate at the time Tosh won the 3-legged race by 8 seconds on a 50 meter race and held the title for 2 years till they banned it and the time when we went on a school trip to Dover and back for free we were meant to go skiing but the teacher made a mistake and used group passports when we weren't allowed, He was a PE teacher so we cant blame him. We also went on two holidays to Florida but they were that same as any other holiday sleep, eat and go on rides. This is all my life really so if there are any questions please ask. (WARNING: Do not ask the book because it won't answer it, it's only a book.) Thank You For Reading Luke Wye ...read more.

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