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Autobiographical Extract

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English Coursework Autobiographical Extract The day had finally come. This would be a turning point in my life. No longer would I be confined to North America for vacations. This was the first of many other firsts in my life; first overnight flight, first journey to Europe, first unknown language, and much more. I had never been to Holland before, let alone anywhere farther east than St. George. It was a new experience and I vowed to embrace and enjoy every minute of it. August 15 2006, the day of truth. At 6o'clock sharp I arrived at the Bermuda International Airport, ready for whatever was to come my way. ...read more.


Amazed at the in-flight movies (also a first for me) I watched them for the majority of the flight; until the food (another first). I had salmon. It hardly appeared to be salmon. It was covered in what looked like a sea of cream of broccoli with spinach on the side. The snacks looked much more edible, TWIX(tm), and water. After dinner it was off to sleep in moderately harsh conditions. Confined to coach with no leg space I felt like a hen in a full hen house. By the time I awoke, it was landing time. I was stumped. What do I do in a huge airport for 6 hours? ...read more.


As it turned out it was out of battery. I was stumped, what I was to do for a 45 minute flight. I wasn't seated by a window so I couldn't look out the window. At that moment, a feeling of dullness rushed over me. I suddenly felt fidgety. What was I to do? Just then a girl came and sat next to me. She was very attractive. In a slightly weird way I knew that I wouldn't be bored all flight. This was very strange for me at the time, I was only 11 at the time, and 3 months ago I still had thought that girls were icky. It was to be a long flight. Before I knew it we had landed. What new experiences awaited me in this strange, unknown, foreign country? ...read more.

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