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Autobiographical Extract

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Coursework - Autobiographical Extract I counted seventeen footsteps as I approached the door. I couldn't tell the number of my heartbeats, and, as I slowly raised my hand to the glass, beads of sweat swelled out of my forehead. I knocked twice on the entrance door more quietly than I would have usually, as a part of me hoped I wasn't heard, or that the occupants of the building weren't in. I turned on the balls of my feet to face away from the entrance, and composed myself. It was more of a psychological preparation than a physical one. ...read more.


A resounding click preceded the slight opening of the door, leaving it slightly ajar, before the door opened fully and revealed the building's residents. My sister hadn't changed since my last visit, in which I was indecisive as to whether that was a good thing or a bad one. Smiling sheepishly with a beady pair of bright eyes and an extravagant outfit, she beckoned me inside. I regularly wondered how we could have had the same parents. Dodging around the bumbling infant, I let out a deep breath. That woman never failed to spark a significant terror in me, but the last thing I would do would be to show it. ...read more.


After a few minutes, one of the small children who I had avoided earlier stumbled into view. She toddled in my direction, with her hands outstretched as if she wanted something from me. Confusion spread like a virus through me, infecting my mind with a flurry of raw thoughts. I was never good with children, preferring the company of sensible individuals in favour of helpless idiots. My thoughts were silenced as the child tripped - over one of the cheap toys scattered around the room - and fell onto her hands. The resulting scream was in itself enough to warrant covering my ears, at least until my sister re-entered, scooped her up and strode back out. Again I was left alone, with the pleasant liberation of my thoughts to entertain me. ...read more.

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