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Autobiographical piece on how books have influenced your life.

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´╗┐Books, everywhere! I don?t remember a time when there wasn?t a book in sight: every room seemed to have a book either standing on a shelf, lying on a work top or resting in someone?s hands. ?A room without books is like a body without a soul? as my family used to say. I couldn?t imagine a room without a book; something to explore, a new beginning. Reading was part of my life from a young age. Mum says I used to play with those cardboard ones and even chew them as a baby! Later on reading was part of the evening routine. I remember I?d get into my pink pyjamas without any fuss and clamber into my pink bed, snuggle up to tiger and listen to my parents read. It was the highlight of my day, and something to threaten to take away to ensure I was on my best behaviour. The stories left me with a warm feeling in my tummy like the milky drink that accompanied them. As a toddler we made frequent trips to the library for ?story time? where a member of staff would perch on a tiny chair and read to us. ...read more.


It was the cover that caught my attention: vibrant flowers parted to show a gap in the wall, two young people wheeling a boy in a chair, and geese and goats on the lawn. That break I sat down in the corning of the playing field and read... I?m not sure how much I read but I fell in love. The opening was catching, almost scary, not how I?d imagined. For the next few weeks, I read in every second I could. Mary became my friend; I became part of the story too. I had chosen the book but it had reached out to me. It was magical; pure excitement. From then on every Christmas Santa knew just which book to put in my stocking and every birthday my collection was topped up with the latest suitable publication. If there was a set to be had I?d have to have the lot, proudly displayed on the shelf in my, now purple, bedroom. Many hours as a young teenager where spent bonding with authors, I came to know their style and would choose a particular book to suit my mood. ...read more.


It is hard to pick out a favourite when a newly discovered book makes a strong impression. This being the case recently when I read my first real love story- ?Pride & Prejudice?. Darcy has now become my dream man and the supressed passion led to moments when I was almost screamed out loud to Elizabeth to say or do something to express how she really felt. The language captured me and Jane Austin?s style is my current inspiration. To be able to mirror the sheer power she creates in the way she uses words would be truly wonderful. I hope as an adult I will inspire my children to read and find the joy of books. I shall certainly lull them using stories when they are babies and introduce them to Harry Potter and his friends when they are older. The impact of reading is greater than that of film as it allows your mind to create for itself a personal rendition of what is trying to be conveyed in a book. I believe that once you fall in love with books you never fall out of love with them. My family are my influence; my friends are my distraction. Reading has and will always be my unashamed love. By Charlotte Hockey 307 ...read more.

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