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Autobiographical Piece

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Autobiographical Piece Name: Abel Patel I was staying, in Canada with my older cousin, for two weeks. They moved to Canada from Kenya about a year ago and they live one mile away from Niagara Falls in a two-bedroom apartment. It was 7 o' clock in the morning and the sun was shining through the window and on to my face, I could feel my skin burning and suddenly I opened my eyes I was smiling because today I was leaving Canada to go to New York in America. My Dad walked in to the room and told me to get ready before 10:00am because we were leaving at that time. I got out of bed and made my way towards the bathroom, I knocked on the door and my Mum was in the toilet, she said, "give me a second". I waited for ten minutes and I just went back to bed I tried to go back to sleep, but not only the sun was searing through the window I could a bird singing I think it was so annoying. I looked outside the window I could see the bird on the branch opposite me, I could hear the bird chirping in many directions, so I thought that I could scare the bird and get back to sleep. When I barked at the bird, it just looked at me and carried on chirping away. ...read more.


All of a sudden the train lowered itself with hydraulics and I could hear the train, hiss, "ssssssssssssssss". I saw the conductor stepping out, he first stuck his head and then he stepped down where the stairs of the, train doors, entrance unfolded. I saw him go inside the station. I asked my Dad what he was doing because no one on the platform could wait to get in to the air-conditioned carriage. I was sweating so much; my sweat was saturated in to the t-shirt. It was about 10 minutes later the conductor came out the station and then he announced, "All of the New York travellers make their way towards the third carriage." He then went on to say that ticket numbers one to ten were allowed in first. Our ticket was number five and we made our way towards the train doors were there was another conductor waiting to inspect the tickets. We then proceeded in to the carriage were it was cool. I was actually feeling cold. My Mum pointed out the seats and I helped my Dad put the luggage on the top cabinet. It was 12:00pm and the train started to move, I looked outside the tinted window I saw the train approach the Rainbow bridge as it was called. The Rainbow is the businesses bridge as it leads to and from America. ...read more.


When it was my turn to order I ordered Nachos with dip and Pepsi. They did sell pizza but that was sold out. I paid $4.95 and I made my way back to my seat. As I looked outside I could see night falling. I ate my food and I was talking to my Dad and I was telling him that I was excited. All of a sudden the conductor announced that the train would be stopping in New York City shortly. I was excited I couldn't wait I looked outside and I could see the bright lights of the skyscrapers. I could see the reflection of the Empire State building reflecting off the river. I could see the red, white and blue stripes on the top of the building. When we approached the underground station the train stopped and everyone rushed towards the entrance the majority of the people on my carriage were getting off which made it worse to get off the train. It was funny because at the beginning of the journey I couldn't wait to get on the train and now I can't to get off the train. When we did get off the train, the whole of the platform was packed, it was so stuffy inside, and we made our way towards the escalators with our luggage. At the top we were waiting for my Dad's close friend. After 12 long hours the journey was finally over and I was relieved. ...read more.

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