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autobiographical writing

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Autobiographical writing The Flaming sofa It started off as an ordinary day; I was doing the harmless act of switching fan off and on. The suddenly the fan turned in to a weapon of mass destruction it made harmless paper bag become a very dangerous weapon it mad e it slowly drift towards the gas fire it landed just near the flame . It luckily did not set on fire but as I went to retrieve the it from danger it suddenly turned on me becoming a raging flaming paper bag. I stupidly tried to put the flaming bag in safer place as so it would burn anything, as got closer to the salvation of putting it to safer place it burnt my hand dropping it in pain it landed on the carpet. ...read more.


While my detective work was going on the sofa was burning away happily. I soon realised again the danger I was in and my mind went blank and I did not no what to do my moms brand new sofas were on fire! The molten leather was dripping melting its acidic ness on to the carpet and this lead to other items to be swallowed by the Red giant! I quickly went in to a panic motion and went to phone the fire service; I didn't really want to as I am a modest person and didn't want to make a fuss. The fire service came and like a bunch of heroic warriors they destroyed the red giant and he was no more! ...read more.


The face on my mom was just of sorrow and shock and she turned to me for questioning as to what happened. I gave the most detailed and structured answer possible I said "there was just a fire" and walked up stairs to my room. My mom soon got the full story and shouted at me for about a week which seemed awfully harsh and I didn't see what the big problem was. I saw this fire as opportunity to start again and so I told my mom and sisters that the fire had a devastating eff4ect and was traumatised fro life and I had lost some irreplaceable items whose sentimental value was beyond compare and on hearing this they felt sorry I had to go through such and experience and so they got me anything I wanted. ...read more.

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