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Autobiographical Writing.

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GCSE Coursework: Autobiographical Writing Oooo! That must have hurt. My brother (Superman wannabe) had just done a belly flip into my private pool, situated in my rather luxurious residence in Islamabad, capital of Pakistan; this is where I lived at the time. I think I must have been ten then, and when my dad asked if I wanted to go somewhere, I replied: "No dad, it's too hot and I am tired." Laughing, my dad said that he asked me if I wanted to go abroad on holiday. Excited like a kid's first day at school, I got out of the pool, took my new Chicago Bulls towel to dry myself and sat by the poolside, next to him. I asked: "Are you being serious, we just came back from Florida, I mean, not that I mind going, but it has only been two months since we came back home." So all that came out my dad's mouth was: "And?" It was then that I asked him where we were going. He told me that we were going to head for the world's largest cheese producing country, the country where drugs are stupidly legal; the country which has the world's second largest cycling community. ...read more.


Impressive eh? So all that explained the mansion, two cars and six computers! As the days went by, we (me and my stupid brother) got closer to our cousins and start talking. Well not exactly, because I forgot to state one rather big difference between us and our cousins- you see the thing is my uncle is my dad's step brother because my grand father got married twice and his wives were both from different states of Afghanistan, my country of origin. Therefore my cousins spoke Pushto and Dutch. While me and my brother, spoke Dari, Urdu and French. But Pushto and Dari were a bit similar so it all went quite well. As for the elders in the house, they spoke both Afghani languages. Anyway, more or less everyday, we went out for a daily bike riding session out and about in their area. When we did, I had to ride my smallest cousin's bike which was for his age group, 4-6 years old. Close to my uncle's house was a park with an enormously deep river attached to it. As soon as I heard that there was a river, I could just sense danger... After one particular wet and windy morning, we decided to go bike riding in the afternoon as the weather had calmed down. ...read more.


Therefore, here I was soaked in urinated water not being able to go home incognito. Fair enough, no way in through the front door but who said anything about the back door? I believe... NO ONE! I went in quickly, told my mum and my auntie about the whole scenario and how it went wrong. Following a humiliating minute of being laughed at by mums, cousins etc..., I went in the bathroom for a foam bath and couldn't stop thinking about the urine... After a rather long but well worth 1 hour of bathing, I got out and dressed myself and went in the kitchen for hot fresh orange juice (really nice try it and judge it for yourself!) accompanied by this real nice cake which apparently was a Dutch speciality. I do believe that one major fact was being forgotten about, that's it, the bike isn't it? DUHH! My organisation skills came to use there and then when I saved up all my spending money for the next week or so we were there. What for? My cousin's bike or what? DUHH! Enough of that DUHH thing! I am writing to myself, how sad you might think? Well do keep your mouth shut because dear sir or madam (who ever is reading this forthcoming novel!), for your information I am not sad. The End WAIS NAEEMI 10E ...read more.

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