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Autobiography : Creative Writing

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Autobiography Five years old. Very young to be lost, especially in a block of flats in this area of the city. Over the last few years it had only gone from bad to worse. Stabbings were regular, as were burglaries, car theft and hundreds of other crimes that could go in a list that would take about ten people to carry it. Why Kevin lived here was beyond doubt. Not only was he a vulnerable old man, but even the strongest of people would be scared to live here, in this pathetic excuse which the government call housing. Luckily for him, this wasn't the worse block in the neighbourhood, and it was inhabited most by senior citizens who he could relate to without going out into the jungle of crime that inner Birmingham was. ...read more.


The lift became even slower. Somehow I thought that the snail would win. There was lots of graffiti in the lift, but not nearly as much as there was outside the building. Graffiti. It's strange that although you don't like it, you are still curious to see what each individual message has to say. The lift got to the right floor, the doors opened, but I was too interested in reading that drivel that by the time I realised that the doors had opened, they were closing. It's strange, a feeling when you think that all you can do is panic and nothing else. So that's exactly what I did, but as usual when you panic, nothing changed. ...read more.


Thinking about it now, it's ironic really; it could have represented the whole area. I knew I would recognise it when I saw it. All I had to do was find the floor with that picture and I would find them. I began climbing up flight after flight of stairs looking for the picture, avoiding all the broken glass on the way. I was starting to get tired now and I still hadn't found the picture. I decided that if it wasn't on this next floor that I would go back down and wait by the car, whatever the risk. As I climbed the very last step, I wondered if the portrait I saw was just in my imagination, but then I saw it there, I on the right floor. Surely I wasn't lost anymore. ...read more.

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