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Autobiography - Football Days.

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Football Days There was no going back now. The big game only a few hours away from commencing. Butterflies were racing through my veins but was prepared to play. The day was a Saturday. The weather was hot but damp like a steam room. A good day for football But to be honest my mum didn't think of me as much of a footballer but could I prove her wrong? I had a quick breakfast of bacon and beans, went upstairs and got changed in to my new kit smelling of the new fabric. It had a red and black striped top, black shorts and black socks. To be honest I looked like Denace the Menace rather than a footballer! The team name was Christ Church United. After the quick change out of my PJ's. My mum got in the car, turned on the ignition and shouted to get me in. I ran down the velvet stairs and jumped into the car. We started to drive. The radio was playing quietly to my mum's favourite station "Capital FM" , I hated it but it was least of my worries. ...read more.


The pressure was on. I didn't know what to do so I rushed over to the sidelines and sat down taking a drink from randomly found bottle. The referee then called over all the players. I stood up and had to take my duty as captain. The parents of the opposing team shouted for their sons "C'mon Shepperton" They exclaimed. The pressure was intense. "Captain" the referee said, I stepped forward and the coin was tossed. I chose heads and heads won. I chose to not kick off first. Why you might ask? Well I didn't want to start looking like a bad team and I wanted to have a second half advantage if we were losing. The team didn't react badly so I felt slightly more confident. My mum walked over to me. She looked at me in the eyes and said quietly "All you can do is try your best". Immediately I could tell she didn't have confidence in me. She didn't even notice the captain's armband round my arm. This hurt me inside. How would you feel if your mum didn't believe you couldn't perform? ...read more.


"C'mon Tommy boy!" I heard a few times. I could see parents' eyes opening as we applied pressure to the opposing team. Their captain who had been quiet all game had a shot from out side the box. It hit Dom's hand. "Penalty" I could hear from the opponents and their parents. The referee pointed to the spot. Instantly without time for thought the captain put the ball on the spot and ran up. He thumped it like a rocket into the back of the net. They had scored 2-1. We kicked off again and with only minutes left, we managed to hang on- just! Their number 8 hit the crossbar from an excellent shot. We were lucky. The game finished 2-1. Our team cheered in glory but we had to shake the hands of the opponents. After shaking hands the manager awarded me with the Man of the match I wanted for the whole game. Also I was captain till the end of the short season until I left for a new team. But the best thing of all was in my eyes I had proved my mum wrong. On the journey back it was dead silent but I knew I was right and she was wrong. By Tom Crossley ...read more.

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