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Autobiography. Hi! My name is Chen I was born in China; I have four grandparents, two parents, five uncles and five aunts

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My Autobiography Hi! My name is Chen I was born in China; I have four grandparents, two parents, five uncles and five aunts. My dad is a teacher in the university while my mum is the manager of her company. My grandparents are retired but they're still getting a few hundred dollars from the Chinese government. There is one thing I don't like is that I don't have any brothers or sisters, so I always get bored or want to go to sleep because no one is playing with me. I like being with my maternal grandmother because she looked after me for nine years, my other grandparents look after me sometimes but not as much as my maternal grandmother. ...read more.


My family immigrated to Australia on 29th of October 2006. We didn't living Brisbane straight after we moved to Australia; we lived in Melbourne for one month then we moved to Brisbane. While we in Melbourne my dad have go back to China because he has lots of works to do in China, I was really sad because I won't see him for on whole year. In Brisbane we rented a small house unit (it is like a very big house, divided into small houses), because there is only two people to live in, me and my mom. The school that I went to in Brisbane is Nundah state school, I was really nervous about going to an English ...read more.


What I like to do on the weekend is going out and have some fun, or going to an amusement park, maybe sat down and have a picnic in the park. Back in my country I was enjoy playing some Chinese games with my friends like rolling steel rings, dodging little sand bags or skipping. I really like to play shooting, in the Ekka show I'd won a large teddy bear about the same height as me. I like to go to university when I finished high school and be a prime minister or president when I grow up or an astronaut if I can. So that's my life so far and I hope my dreams became true. ...read more.

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