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Autobiography - I sit on my desk with vivid memories of my childhood.

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Name: Sabrina DaSilva Candidate No: Centre No: 10406 Centre: Clapton Girls' Technology College Title Of Assignment: Autobiography Area Of Study: Autobiographies Date Set: 24/09/03 I sit on my desk with vivid memories of my childhood. It's almost as if my visions are projected in front of me, almost as if I can spring into them and reinact my sweet childhood. I remember my day trips out with my family. We were together as a whole then, and I was full to the brim with love. I remember my mum joining me on the 'gentle' rides while my dad videotaped my laughs and my joys. I felt induced to return my love and appreciation to my family. I'm always being told that I was an energetic, affectionate young one. I always used to say "Hello" to people and bare my teeth with a cheesy grin. Everything was as normal as can be, but then in 1995 my parents parted. I'm guessing that they grew apart from one another. That was really challeging for me. I was at a mere age of six. ...read more.


But mostly my time in this school was disgraceful. The significant occurrence in Clapton Girls' has to be the most stressful part of my life I remember I had my first phone call from a man, with a deep degrading voice, claiming to be a teacher in my school. He stated all the humiliating acts he was going to perform on me. I kept picturing, imagining, this man, who he declared he was, actually accomplishing his vile fantasies. It almost felt like I was living in a dream, nothing was realistic. It was like I couldn't wake up and come to my senses. Night after night I would have detailed, graphic nightmares, nightmares that I concealed within myself. I have been mentally affected and I've started to become paranoid. I informed the teachers, they gave me and an inch of support. The incident was then transferred to the police. Countless hours of police time was spent on this unfortunate time. But something unexpected happened; teachers turned against me. Its funny, when students used to say "Teacher don't treat me fair". ...read more.


I remember telling my dad what I wanted to become, his face lit up like a bright lightbulb. I saw a gratified glow in his eyes. From then on, I've stuck to my ultimate dream and decided, I WANT TO BE A LAWYER! I think I'll be good for the job. I am very argumentative. I know when to stand up for my rights and I've got a thunderous voice! I hope my dream are fulfilled. It's all up to God I keep me religion discreet because when I do produce it to other people, they try to turn me against my beliefs. I believe in God and I know He is watching over me. He has got me through the difficult times so far and I thank and love Him for that. I hope, in the future, I live a victorious life, a life that I will be proud of. I hope to have a 'fairytale wedding' which consist of me, in my lovely flowing white gown, and my husband, looking well-groomed in his black suit, living happily ever after. Well, my autobiography exterminates here. I hope you have enjoyed reading an extract of my life and I hope everything goes well for me from now on. ...read more.

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