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Autobiography - Maxwell Joseph Delaney.

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Autobiography I was born on the 28th of July 1986 in Greenwich hospital and I was given the Maxwell Joseph Delaney. I lived in New Cross for a quarter of a year in a cosy little flat in Florence Terrace where I lived with my Mum, Dad and my brother Nick. I then moved to Gosforth in Newcastle where I attended South Gosforth First School. In the nursery, my teacher was called Ms Handyside. There was a sandpit, paddling pool, toy den and a library, I used the toy den the most because it had toy motorbikes, I used to run riot with them. I had my 6th birthday in my back garden. It was excellent! There were some people dressed up as cartoon characters. There was Bart Simpson, The Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles and Barney the dog. My dog Cher chased Barney around the garden. I lived in Newcastle until I was 8 then I moved back down to London where I lived in Blackheath, I started in year 3 at John Ball Primary School. ...read more.


We had visited her every day in hospital. It was sad for me because I knew that she was very close to dying. There was one funny thing about it; my Brother and I would sit in the chair by the patient next to my Nan. We would touch her flowers and she would start waving her hands frantically at us. My Brother and I were not allowed to go to my Nans' funeral because my Mum and Dad wanted us to remember all the good times and not her lying in a coffin. It was the my first day at Crown Woods, I can remember waking and feeling "Oh, my God! I've got to go back." After a long play during the summer that is genuinely how I felt. I just didn't want to go back because I knew it would be a lot harder. I was rushing about all morning trying to get everything perfect because I didn't want to slip up on my first day. ...read more.


Lauren would put Hercules in a pink jewellery box and call him Duchess. It was Saturday morning at around 10:00 am, everyone was up except Nick, the landlord was due at 10:30 am. My Mum had remembered the Hamster upstairs and proceeded to mutter to herself "Where am I going to hide the hamster." I offered her a cup of tea to calm her and we then began to think of places to hide the hamster. First of all there was the cupboard under the stairs, but the landlord might hear him, then, my Mums' wardrobe, but there was the sound thing again. We were as dry as the desert for ideas, suddenly I came up with the shed. Perfect! Ahmed would never go out there. My Mum asked me to take the hamster out there while she hovered up. I unlocked the patio doors ran out into the garden, ducked the clothesline and put the hamster in the shed. I then ran back, ducked the clothesline and SMACK! When I got up I could see my sister in hysterics. I had run straight into the patio doors and knocked myself out. The Landlord never did find the hamster. Max Delaney Dean 1A ...read more.

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