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Autobiography -my Past, Present and Future

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Past, Present and Future On the 24th February when it was two minutes to twelve o'clock in Newham General Hospital, everyone went totally hushed because a new, normal junior was going to be born, but to my parents, I was a king full of love, hope, adventure and success! My "near-the-beginning" years of life started at nursery where I learnt to be self-confident and to interact with other people to try to overcome speech therapy. While I was in nursery, I also learnt to speak better English and started to make new friends; nursery was so enjoyable and entertaining because we had animals to pet on a daily basis and were allowed to play all day long; we also made biscuits and cakes for everybody! When I was about to finish nursery, me and my class mates went on many trips and had many parties because many of the nursery students were changing school for primary, nearly all my friends had left before nursery finished, so I was lonely for a few weeks. I and my mum were already making a plan what I was going to do in summer like going to Lego-land and going around to my aunt's house. ...read more.


My results were really important to see what secondary school I would be established in. I desired to get in a private school where the teachers would be sincerely kind, polite and educated to educate everyone else. Seeing that days and weeks went past, I was getting even more eager to see what private school I would be able to go to. Another critical day of my life came to see what school I got accepted in I got a post from the school as I was opening the letter and I was getting horrified by the looks of the small letter font and the next second I was screaming as I got in one of the greatest private school on the land; I was as happy as the smiling sun! The third stage of my life was about to start in a private school in Chigwell called Guru Gobind Singh Khalsa College. I started on 7th September with many other children; we became friends instantly as the first day of school started even though we could not locate a way around school because it was enormous but the teachers and other students of the school assisted us around school. ...read more.


On the 16th of August I had got my report of the GCSE I had taken. I gaze carefully threw the letter and I catch glimpse of my marks and was not proud of myself because I only got a B for overall in math's and Science. Then after seeing my marks I was pleased and in a decent tone I told my parents and their reaction was a pleasant response. I had another three weeks of holidays left so I tried to make the most of it but there was a drawback of holidays in my school because I had bunch of holiday homework left to complete. Whilst in my holidays I was thinking of becoming a pharmacist because it is a pleasurable and interesting job that will also help the public if they need aid on what medicines to take. Becoming a pharmacist would create an easier and enjoyable life and will educate me in various parts in life. In my petite and gracious life so far I had numerous of fears and had overcome them but I had a lot of other fears to overcome such as: Heights, bugs and the dark. ?? ?? ?? ?? Mavin Patel Autobiography 1 ...read more.

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