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Autobiography - personal writing.

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My real father died when I was a baby. Only photographs and faint memories help me recall who he was. I suppose I accepted Roy as my father, I suppose I was too young not to accept him but now as I look at his old waxy skin as he lies in his open coffin, I realise that I don't miss him. I haven't talked to my mother in years so Its been years since I needed him. He passed away two days ago from heart failure. My mother is a different story, she was stranded without him, Roy married my mother a year after my father died, Roy was my step-father. The day after the funeral was Monday, I am informed by my financial advisor that my stocks have doubled over the weekend, ordinarily this is good news on a Monday morning but the thought of my mother on her own in that old dusty flat while I stand in my blush office, annoys me. "Any bad news today?" I ask with caution, "No, everything is as good as it can be" he replies with a bright smile. I thanked him for cheering me up and he left with a nod as if to imply "don't mention it". ...read more.


I had ignored all the weather warnings and drove out into the street and the street of Belfast, the rain was so loud on the roof of the car I put on some music, it was about half past five and I rarely saw another vehicle. My mother lives in an old persons flat quite inland. On my way through the country I saw flooded fields and cars stuck in mud. I arrived in the doorway at six o' clock and pressed number 6 and got no answer, the doorway is not very sheltered and I am now soaked from the rain. I press the doorbell again, "hello" said a voice, "hello mum can you open the door its Aaron" I said "oh hello Aaron, come on in then" she replied, her voice was weary and tired, I think she was sleeping. The buzzer went and I rushed out of the rain and into the hallway. There were 2 doors and a set of stairs. My feet now felt like wrinkly prunes from my saturated shoes, it had been raining all day now very heavily. I leave the hallway and notice my dark footprints behind me, I walked up the twisted stairway, I cannot see how someone could survive in a place like this, I haven't seen anyone its like it is derelict. ...read more.


rain, I couldn't see much but I got to my car which was parked not to far away but the street was flooded very severely, there was no way I was getting home. I ran back to the flats and the door was still open. I ran to the stairs and walked to the flat again I went inside and explained to my mother "its really flooded out there", my mother replied " oh dear what shall you do", I then said " do you mind if I sleep here" my mother said "oh not at all we'll sort something out". I sat and watched the TV until 11 while my mother went to her bed quite early, the television was boring but it passed the time. Three days passed, it stopped raining on the 2nd day my mother and I really bonded through the days surviving on what she had in the dusty cupboards. The rain had mostly evaporated after one day and I went to my car. I drove back through the country past soaked and some still very flooded spots. I got home later that day to find everything as I had left it. The only difference was that I felt new and had straightened my life out with my mother. I have realised, I am happy. Aaron Russell ...read more.

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