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Autobiography - The birthday party.

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As my heart thumped louder and louder it felt as though my heart was going to jump out my chest all due to the devilish waiting for my 5th birthday. I could only but wonder what my devious parents were planning; I've been noticing they've been acting strangely demure lately. Smirking every time I mention my party. This was encouraging my mind to flourish in anticipation for what was to come. Had already started to think, which ravaged my mind even more creating a blundering feeling however excitement ran through my veins as my parents were just about to tell me what I was going to do for my birthday. ...read more.


Ones heard the expression drowning in your tears well I was dying in my tears. All I did was shed my hatred. It was as though I was possessed by the saten. All I remember was me hovering like a dead corpse, no smile, no sound no expression. Just a meaningless being. This was the lowest I had ever felt and I couldn't believe what I had been waiting so long for wouldn't happen. Reminiscing I do remember my mother looking away when I stormed upstairs. However sitting in my room it was as thought the walls were bleeding. Blood shed walls was all what I saw as now my heart had truly been shattered. ...read more.


Then I heard knock on the door. It was my mother who stop and starred at me . Tear were trickling down her eyes and she was complimenting me calling me stunning. I also felt like a princess then m y mother softly brushed my long hair. She took me down stair .strangely blood was rushing to my face as if something were to happen and I entered the room and I heard a big shout ," SURPRISE". Then I had felt so much excitement all I had previously felt had disappeared. I was smiling now. All I saw were bright light all my family and friends. Boxed filled with goodies. It was as though God himself was gifting me. The last thing I remember was partying the night away. It was the most amazing night of my life. ...read more.

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