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Autobiography - The day of GCSE results.

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Autobiography The day of GCSE results To start the day off my mother woke me at 7 o clock, I was in such a shock not used to getting up that early. I strolled slowly out of my nice warm bed and suddenly it hit me, I was two hours away from getting the results which would decide what I would be doing for the rest of my life.I sat on my bed for a while then got up and got ready. I was doing my newly washed hair and my mother came running in my room with a camera "Smile Jade it's the morning of your GCSE results" I thought thank you mammy that really put a boost to my confidence. As it got closer to leaving my hands were soaking with sweat and I was shaking like a tumble dryer I was a nervous wreck. We left the house at 8:30am to take my excited dad to work, And then made our way to the school, I felt as though I Was going to a horrible prison I really did not know what to expect. ...read more.


We laughed all the way to Cardiff, talking about our results and what we were going to do whether it was going back to school or getting a job. Around 12 o clock we reached Cardiff we marched straight to RSVP a pub in Cardiff. We ordered 4 bottles of the best wine, after drinking them all we had something to eat before leaving to go home. We were having such a brilliant time and we didn't want to go home but I looked at my watch and it was 4 o'clock so we made our way home. I stumbled towards the train station trying to hold myself and Carla up it was absolutely hysterical. We finally got on the train, and it seemed as though 10 minutes had passed by before we reached troedyrhiw, our next stop for the partying to begin. Me, Carla and Bethan practically fell off the train and ran to the nearest shop to get our next load of drinks. ...read more.


So about 30 went to Jessica's house and all the rest of us went to The Railway. Id never been to this pub before, when I got there I could not believe my eyes; it wasn't even as big as my living room. I was only there for about 2 hours and id drunk loads taken a million pictures and introduced myself to everybody I didn't know, they must have thought I was a right nutter. I finally left to go home at 1 o clock. I literally fell through my front door and straight to the kitchen for some food. I found a container half full with rice and curry it was freezing, but I eat it. I stumbled up the stairs and in to my mother's bedroom to tell her what a great day I had, I swayed back and fore while telling her she laughed her head off and took me into bed. As soon as my head hit the pillow I was fast asleep. What a day! ...read more.

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