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Autobiography. The night had been cold, even for December, and I was frozen stiff. My tingling feet were chilled to the bone as was the rest of my body.

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Autobiography When I woke up I had no idea what an unimaginable day lay ahead of me. I woke up and found the glorious winter morning sunshine glittering into my room like a thousand diamonds. The night had been cold, even for December, and I was frozen stiff. My tingling feet were chilled to the bone as was the rest of my body. My mirrored wardrobe cast long maddening shadows across the wooden floor. I was reluctant to get up as I didn't want to leave the shelter of my duvet. I heard the stairs creak as my mum crept up the stairs and rolled over hoping that she would believe my poor attempt at pretending to be asleep. ...read more.


I got up resentfully after my mum told me what we were doing for the day and felt the cold air whoosh in from the door she had left open. I put on my thermals and pink fluffy dressing gown and hurried off downstairs towards the delicious sound of crackling eggs and spitting bacon. My dad was an admirable cook and I always looked forwards to his incredible meals. He smiled at me as I walked in and served me up some 'grubb', as he always called it. It was delicious and it reminded me of my younger years when we used to go to the cottage every holiday and snuggle up by the fire together like penguins. ...read more.


I was right where I wanted to be; with my family. After quite a short drive we pulled up into a car park just as it started to snow. This is probably the first holiday I remember. Well, maybe not all of it but certainly the unimaginable events of that glorious afternoon. We had gone down to the New Forest for a late summer holiday and were staying in a lovely thatched cottage on the edge of a small village. We had gone out for a walk that eventful day and had driven a few miles in the car to find some more remote countryside. Dad knew the perfect place, he said, and we eventually pulled into a small car park. ...read more.

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