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Autopbiographical Writing - My Holiday.

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Autopbiographical Writing - English My Holiday My holiday this year was very exciting. I was woken by my parents really early, at about 6 in the morning, and I helped to pack the car. I nearly forgot my swimming costume, but luckily my mum reminded me so I ran back inside and up to my room to get it. We had packed lots of food for the journey. I was in charge of making sandwiches. Making sure I was careful with the knife, I sliced the bread, buttered it and grated some cheese for the filling. I put salad cream inside my ones and mayonnaise inside my brother's and my parents ones. ...read more.


They bought me a magazine to cheer me up, but I just wanted my stomach to feel normal again. I took a sick pill and sucked on a boiled sweet, and we continued the journey. By the time we arrived at the hotel it was the middle of the afternoon. A plump and elderly lady greeted us a reception and showed us to our room. The hotel was quite small and was a bit dirty on the outside, but inside there was a lift and even a games room. It had table tennis, snooker, pool, gym machines and a television set. ...read more.


We asked for daily newspapers then went up to see our room. The bathroom was tiny. It only had a shower and had no bath, but there was a little light and one of those special sockets for razors so that you don't electrocute yourself. I shared a room with my brother, which I wasn't very happy about, but he wanted to stay up and talk because it was the first night. I wanted to go out in the evenings, so I went with my dad to the town nearby. We passed a lot of newsagents and take away shops and eventually we found a tourist information centre. We booked tickets to see a comedy show, a musical and some foreign dancers. Then we took my kite down to the beach because it was a really windy day. ...read more.

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