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Autumn - For one reason or another, autumn is not always considered as the most pleasant season. Regrettably, people, if they were to be asked about it, would rather choose summer or spring.

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Marek Malecki AHE L�dz Filologia angielska, SUM Grupa AU1 Autumn - the devil's not so black as he is painted Slowly but surely, the days become shorter and evenings seem to be never-ending stream of black hours. The feeling of bracing, crisp air against face in the mornings. Drizzles and night frosts one day and lukewarm sunshine the other... When the "Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness" comes, there is no need to be attentive observer to sense it. It's almost tangible. Park paths and squares are emptying, little by little, and now, only the most steadfast walk lovers keep strolling around them. For one reason or another, autumn is not always considered as the most pleasant season. Regrettably, people, if they were to be asked about it, would rather choose summer or spring. Even winter, with its snow and Christmas time, is placed higher in the hierarchy of "good" seasons. What a pity... A trace of good will, negligible intention to comprehend things slightly deeper, not superficially - that's all. Nothing more is needed to discover that autumn, especially this so called "golden polish fall", can be as charming as the other seasons or even more. ...read more.


In that case, autumn is the season of preparation and garner, hectic time, especially in comparison with vacation laziness, nonetheless, it can be decidedly enjoyable too. Fall activities are mostly associated with stockpiling. Nicely coloured and delicious apples, pears, plums and grapes are not only a tasty snack, but they can decorate our interior as well. Houses smell of fried jam and drying chanterelles and boletuses, as it's the time of mushroom picking too. And even if this walking through the woods is unsuccessful as long as mushrooms are concerned, it's still an excellent form of fitness training. Besides, there are dozens of other forest treasures, which can be gathered instead of them. Nuts, acorns, chestnuts, and colourful leaves are cases in point. They evoke memories of childhood and our first artistic works, as various figures and inventions were made exactly of them. Not only humans, but also animals are remarkably attentive to their getting ready for winter. Tree hollows and dens are filling with nuts and variety of other forest delicacies, which help them survive the cold days ahead. In contrast to all these "home-attached" animals, there are numerous birds, gathering in flocks and migrating to the countries, where there is no winter. ...read more.


And if we have always dreamed about playing guitar for instance, autumn is probably the best possible time to start practicing, to be able to give a fairly decent performance of Christmas carols by the Christmas tree. Thus fall is a kind of a catalyst, essential to make a safe and smooth conversion of our senses and feelings from red-hot in summer to languorous in winter. All things considered, it's true to say that autumn, with all its multiplicity of contradictions, can be perceived differently as well. Precisely the same season is loved one day for rain, for temperature, for our duties, however, for the same reasons, it's detested in the other one. Instead of cooling, energizing breeze one morning, we unexpectedly receive an icy wind the next. A lukewarm shower in the sunny afternoon can easily turn into an all-day downpour and so do our moods. Nevertheless, therein lies the charm and magic of autumn. This diversity embodies it in the way, that everyone can pick something for himself. Although we cannot change the fall itself and discard all of its inferior components, we can definitely alter our ways of thinking and perceiving the world around us. And if we learn to recognize the beauty of this amazing season, covered slightly by trivial inconveniences, this particular beauty will fill up our lives, as a marvellous autumn reward. ...read more.

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