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Awake - Creative writing.

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Awake The green leaf was melting in my hand. In her pink hair daffodils were sleeping as we were dancing and laughing through the forest's thunder. She smiles. I feel like heaven's on earth. She is the love if my life. Everything I ever wanted. The sun sparkles in her eyes of sugar while her soft lips kiss mines. Holding my arm around her waist a shiver of happiness explodes in my veins. I wish this kiss last forever. She is mine. I am hers. Forever as one. From the distance, I see like in a tunnel people dancing and drinking; a party. In the woods?! Like a tornado I feel absorbed and transposed by the dark light in that devilish world and the party becomes my reality... oh no, where did the forest go? ...read more.


I can feel her tender skin again... but even though my hand is in heaven, my eyes are in pain as I am blinded by a powerful shiny white light... The disc of the sun is trapped in the vase on my desk which reflects a huge microscopic dot of light torturing my dreamy eyes. I try to open them as I feel my arm numb under my pillow. Half asleep, I smell a scent of toast and bacon. The sun pierces the curtains as I pull them back to reveal a lovely morning. As I step on the cold floor of my bathroom, trying to brush my teeth, I almost put soap on my toothbrush... ...read more.


I'm crying. He'll never be mine. I try to move but I realize I can't feel my body anymore. My legs are numb meanwhile I wish he'd turn around once more. If only he'd notice me. I can't even see him anymore because of the tears flooding my eyes. I never wanted something like this before! Therefore I felt like screaming... his name? Shannon. Shannon... His name was echoing inside me, beyond my being, within my tortured soul of pain, surrounded by weeping tears. I feel caught in a dizzy spin again... people around me have no idea how love is supposed to feel like... they are chatting and making noise therefore causing the violent tornado to spin me in circles of lights and pain as I hear a bell... I need to hurry up...no...it's the agitated alarm from my phone... stop! I'm awake now. ?? ?? ?? ?? Daiana Mirzarafie-Ahi 1 ...read more.

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