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Back In the Day

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Biography Coursework - Back In the Day My name is Jimmy Boreland. I was born and grew up in Southern California, Los Angeles. My house was a three bedroom house with a swimming pool out back. But in 1974 there was a drought in California, so there was no water in it. My parents struggled to buy our house because they don't exactly have the best jobs, my mum worked in Don's steak house, and only got a low wage, but my dad designed and installed swimming pools; that is how we got ours. I woke up and chucked off my bed sheet. I grabbed my shorts and pulled them on. I opened up my drawer and grabbed the most rad pair of socks I had, as it was the weekend, the long white ones with a blue and red stripe at the top. I pulled on my blue sneakers, and chucked on my favourite top, a blue and white checked one, I had a shower the other night, so I didn't need one this morning. ...read more.


I heard a voice shout 'Yo Jimmy dude, over here!' I looked over and saw Bill with his board. He jumped onto it and pushed on it. He wasn't that good at skateboarding, but he had a completely different style, when he was moving, he would have his front knee on his board, and as he was slightly unfit, he found it hard standing up again! 'Dude stand up' I shouted to him, he did it this time quite well also! He hopped off his board and flicked it up into his hands, 'Dude that was sick!' he said to me sounding really chuffed, 'Yeah man that ruled' He smiled at me and asked me, 'Can you do that three-sixty slide yet?' I replied 'Don't know yet man, let's try it!' I pushed my board along the floor, then ran and jumped on it, I got some speed up by going up and down the concrete wave a few times, I then leant forward and got closer to the ground, and leant right over and skidded round on the concrete, I didn't quite make the three-sixty, but nearly, I then lost my balance and flew off the side, and rolled on the concrete. ...read more.


Bill arrived at the door and said, 'Dude we should try skating your pool' 'Bill, what an amazing idea!' I finished wiping my knee and went downstairs with Bill. We went outside to the pool, and we really were not sure what to do. I climbed down the steps and into the pool, Bill threw my board to me and I got on it and pushed along. I went up one side of the pool, and leant on the back of my board and round as to do a wheelie to spin round and come back down. I looked up at Bill and said 'Wicked man! Come and have a go' Bill replied 'No way, I'll just watch you for a few minutes and then I'll have a go.' 'Ok man' I decided I was going to try and clear the lights near the top of the pool. I pushed really hard and rode my board along the side of the pool, I leant towards my left to go upwards in the pool, and I rode over the lights, as I came over it, I leant back towards the bottom of the pool, and straight over it! 'Yeah man!' By Joe Moore 10D ...read more.

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