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Back in the Playground Blues

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Back in the Playground Blues The poem "Back in the Playground Blues" written by Adrian Mitchell is about a boy remembering about the time that he was at the playground. The poem is written in first person, and the "I" of the poem is completely scared of the playground. He remembered the time which he was there and of how much he suffered. He felt as if he was trapped in the big playground compared to his size, left unprotected by their parents from the "rulers of the Killing ground", and hoping that he wouldn't be the one chosen by them to make fun of. The "I" also criticizes that the "rulers of the Killing ground" always found a reason to pick on someone, be it because of physical appearance, religion or beliefs. He also mentions that someone from the playground, probably the principal says "It prepares them for Life", and that in his opinion this had already been the worst place in his life. ...read more.


a sense of how these facts were appearing back in the boys mind and as if he was thinking about it at the moment. He also wrote the name give by the children to the playground with capital letters "The Killing Ground", to emphasize in the word Killing, to show how much the children were scared and hated the playground. This name is very ironical because Killing is the opposite of Play, and that the kids were having a horrible time whilst their parents thought that they were playing and having fun. On the third section he writes "got a mother and a father, they're one thousand years away", meaning that the kids can only ask for help for their parents, but they are far away from them and there is no way of reaching them. He then writes "the rulers on The Killing Ground are coming out to play", to give the impression of how these rulers, probably older or stronger kids, were feared by the other kids, and that when they appeared they hoped they would pick someone else to "play" with. ...read more.


On the last section the poet describes the sound of the principal or teacher of the playground as having and iceberg sound, meaning that the person was very cold and didn't have any feelings towards the kids which were being bullied. He ends the poem by saying that the principal says that the playground "prepares them for live", whilst the boy thinks that this "preparation" has been the worst thing of his life. The poet shows how a child views a playground, and how scared they were of the older kids. This is a very typical example, and happens in most playgrounds and kindergartens around the world. Maybe not as cruel as the poet's example, but quite bad. It also shows how the child's mind is taken over by their imagination and fear. It is also a critic to how the system of playgrounds work, and of how the parents send them there thinking that they are playing and having a good time whilst what is happening is exactly the opposite. Kristian Huber 10H Page1 of 2 ...read more.

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