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Bamforth's Diary

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Bamforth's Diary 17th January 1942 Today we marched for 15 miles through the jungle, now I'm stuck in a hut with a bunch of idiots. Not my idea of a good time. I'd rather be sat on a block of ice for a day. Good old taffy, he thinks his bint will still be there when he comes home, fat chance of that happening. She'll be miles away with a yank by the time he gets home. If he tries it on with me again I'll break his legs, not just his ankle. He fights like a girl, I could tear him apart in my sleep, the stupid welsh taff. Just great, I'm stuck in the jungle with a pack of apes. Six of the most idiotic people I've ever had the misfortune to meet. They couldn't find the back end of a donkey if they tried. Especially with Mitchem in charge, he's lost one platoon already. I'll be lucky if I get back alive with this lot. ...read more.


He cant pick up base from 15 miles but he can pick up the army of the rising son from god knows how far, that's got to a new record for the book of stupidity. Great, cheese again, it's a waste of bloody food. If I get cheese one more time, I'll shoot that ration corporal. Now I've seen it all, Whitaker's sweating a kit inspection on Saturday, stroll on! He'll still be darning his socks when the japs come bursting in through the door, not me, I'll be on my way to a tropical paradise by then. Macleish and his stripes again, one of these days I'm going to stick those stripes down his throat, if he thinks I'm going to take orders from him just cos he's got a bit of fabric on his arm he's got another thing coming. If I don't take orders from people with three stripes, what chance has someone with one stripe got. Mitchem's at it again, him and his bloody lectures, he thinks he making a point but he's just making a prat of himself - as per usual. ...read more.


I gave him those fags, how dare they accuse him of something he didn't do. Macleish thought he'd act the hero, when he's just a pathetic wretch, picking on a defenceless nip, he should be the one sat in the corner with a gun pointed at him, not the other way round. Johnstone's decided he doesn't like tojo's and thought it would be a good idea to rip up his photos. Just because he had some blighty fags doesn't give him an excuse to rip his photos up. So I decided to put my fist down his throat, see how he likes that the ignorant burk. How he got put in charge of men I'll never know, he shouldn't be allowed to look after animals let alone men. Bloody great, thanks to Fanny Whitaker we'll soon have most of the jap army on top of us. He's only gone and shot the poor tojo. With the amount of noise he made he might as well hang up a big sign saying "blighty army this way", the idiot. ...read more.

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