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Bang! It was a commotion that crashed in the building; a helicopter hit the north tower.

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9/11 COURSEWORK Bang! It was a commotion that crashed in the building; a helicopter hit the north tower. I looked from an obscure window, as second by second each life was taken away. It seemed like I was put to my limits, the immense explosion had a grim impact on my life. As I stood by obscure window the atmosphere was changing dramatically. In my head I thought of god and his global environment, it was like a hell as doomsday had appeared. As I was focusing on the establish of god, a guard came straight up to me and asked me to perch down, I saw a family desperate for help but they couldn't get any. Suddenly, i heard my cell phone ringing I focused on my life, as I answered the phone I heard another floor disintegrate in the other tower. ...read more.


I felt the feeling of going down the stairs how terrible would that be. I sat up and then another...Explosion! The building was hit, my building was hit, and the building, in which I was in, black hot coffee drips on my face, I yell but they're in no help. Everyone running to save there own lives, I think to myself as possibly last day of my life. I could smell the fresh blood, poured beside me from a dead body. I stuck in an enormous building with heavy blocks of bricks on my head, pressing down my life taking the time of my life I am left in condition. I weep for help of god. In my ears I hear the [quran tilawat] holy book, I gain conscious, and think to myself am I going to survive? ...read more.


I cry me but it's not loud enough, as my voice doesn't get to them their voice gets deeper and deeper one more hope washed away. As I mutter around with my own vice a bell rings in the office. I can't get to it it's out of my reach. Once again my family comes to my mind as I think of yesterday treat I gave to my children in Macdonald's, it was great, children loved it so did i. But theses days will never come back I think in my irrevocable mind. Suddenly the building starts to tremble, I feel as if the day is the last for me, why did I not say goodbye to my children and my wife? BLAST! The building is burst and I am no longer to be detected. The beeps of my heart are no longer giving any sound. The signal from God is clear he wants me. An abrasion of a glass is stuck down my throat. I was no longer a human being. ...read more.

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