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Banquet Madness

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Banquet Madness Several Lords and Ladies were hurried out from a Banquet in Macbeth's castle yesterday. Several of the guests said that Macbeth had been acting rather strangely, during the banquet he is said to have shouted at an empty seat "Thou canst not say I did it, never shake thy gory locks at me" Perhaps the recent death of our beloved King Duncan has caused Macbeth to become so mentally unstable. Lady Macbeth however was reported to have told her guests that Macbeth had always been "slightly on edge". However it still seems unclear as to what has caused the King to have such a sudden mental lapse. ...read more.


She continued to say "pray you speak not; he grows worse and worse. Questions enrage him. At once, good night, stand not upon the order of your going". She seemed very intent on getting all of her guests out of her castle as quickly as possible. During his "vision" of this apparently ghostly figure Macbeth at several points seems to return to his senses, screaming "unreal mockery" at what ever it was he could see. One of the guests at the banquet has told us that Macbeth suddenly came out of his trance like state saying, "I am a man again, pray you sit still" Lady Macbeth was also heard telling her husband off, which would suggest that he is not normally like this. ...read more.


What s also strange is that Banquo the best friend of the King was absent from the banquet and has been reported missing today. This has possibly also helped Macbeth become so emotionally unstable. During the banquet Lady Macbeth took the King aside and was overheard saying "This is the very painting of your fear, this is the air drawn dagger which you said lead you to Duncan" What Lady Macbeth means by this is unclear however what is clear is that whatever Macbeth had seen last night has left us and most of this quests utterly perplexed. ...read more.

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