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Banquo's Murder from the Murderers Perspective

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Arun Bir The Murderer's perspective I don't understand how it got to this! I was living normally just under a week ago and now this. Is that even possible? My name is Lucas Smith and the past week has been the most hectic week of my life! First I should tell you what I do, so you know what happened from my point of view. I am a murderer or more of an assassin. Don't judge me with my job as I am actually a decent bloke. It's just when my life got hard and I had to feed my seven children, where else could I make money. I looked all over for a job but couldn't find one so I had to resort to this. I have been doing this for three weeks and then King Macbeth called to meet me. That is when it all changed. ...read more.


We then made one of our our well camouflaged traps. We left a tree that was loose hanging up and when they went past it would collapse either killing them or blocking their path. After a couple of hours of waiting and staring at the clouds we saw some figures in the distance. It was them! We waited for them to ride past and in an instant the trap was released. It failed to hit them by a few meters however with the shock they fell of the horses. Immediately we charged at them and went into sword combat with Banquo. Although we had the three on one advantage you could tell he was a noble warrior as he had the upper hand against us. Our swords clashed together like pans in a kitchen but this was with a lot more intent. After a couple of minutes of skirmishing, one of our men had captured Banquos' son. ...read more.


At first he was worried and this rapidly changed to rage. He threatened that he would find where we lived and torture our families. Then he would publicly humiliate us. Then as soon as Macbeth was out of sight I fled home. I quickly gathered my possessions and my family and within a couple of hours I had fled Scotland. Leaving all my life and most of my valuable items behind on the run within one day! Now its one week later and I have heard that my house in Scotland has been burnt down. I have sold my father's gold chain which he passed down to me to get somewhere to live. It was hard giving that up as he was not a rich man but he managed to build up some money and buy me that just before he died. Now I have sold it and it is all thanks to Macbeth. I here there may be an army coming to revolt against him and if it is I will be joining it in order to get Macbeth off the throne. ...read more.

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