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Base Details is a war poem written by Siegfried Sassoon in 1918. The year of 1918 was a crucial one in the First World War, and Base Details seeks to explore some of the bitterness and cruelty

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Base Details Base Details is a war poem written by Siegfried Sassoon in 1918. The year of 1918 was a crucial one in the First World War, and Base Details seeks to explore some of the bitterness and cruelty of the war era, expressed from the point of view of a common soldier. The poem consists of a single stanza, with ten lines. The rhyme scheme is pretty straight forward and consistent, utilising a standard "A,B,A,B" format throughout the poem. The stylistic devices used are, however, quite distinct. Unlike many poems, metaphors don't seem to play a vital part - in fact, the poem doesn't have a single metaphor. Instead, there's quite an excessive use of subjective adjectives, which greatly helps setting the tone and message of the poem. ...read more.


"Guzzling" and "gulping", depicts a rather obese, uniformed army official in midst of a greasy meal, which definitely doesn't imply any sympathy for this 'major' character. "Toddle" excels at describing the laid-back and ignorant attitude of aforementioned character. This ironic tone consists throughout the entire poem. The author seizes the role of a major, and portrays this character as an upper-class, laissez-faire, and ignorant kind of person, who enjoys his managing office while neglecting and understating the sacrifices made by the youth on the battlefield. This irony easily leads to bitterness, and it's quite easy to imagine that the author's experiences in the war might not have been amongst the easiest. (A quick research on "Siegfried Sassoon" shows that he suffered the loss of a dear brother and several horrific incidents as a Field Commander himself, which could point towards Base Details being his reaction and protest of his war-years.) ...read more.


In fact, "The Soldier" is quite the opposite, as it leaves the reader with a feeling of somewhat (national) pride and respect as these are the main feelings reflected by the narrator of "The Soldier". The two poems together does, however, clearly shows the distinct characteristics of a two-faced war; on one hand, the soldiers are regarded as national heroes and saviours, but on the other hand, they're also just another name on the "Roll of Honour" who'd been used as a tool by their superiors. The common soldier of WW1 was a loser as well as winner, and Base Details is definitely portraying the 'losing side', by getting a message of bitterness and regret through to the audience - including the 'major characters' for whom this poem is obviously aimed at as well. Nicklas Bill B. Hansen 3u The 15th of September 2009 Nicklas Bill B. Hansen English 3u ...read more.

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3 star(s)

This essay explores language at word level well and shows a good understanding of the choice of words by Sassoon and how these words were created to successfully illustrate the meaning the poet was trying to communicate to his readers. In order to develop analysis the literary devices should have been explored and the effects they created - for example the use of alliteration in the poem. Exploration of the speaker would have enabled further analysis of the tone of the poem and the fact Sassoon was using the poem as a platform to air his true feelings about the war and those in charge. The poem is a short one and it would have been possible to look a wider range of points in more depth to illustrate a full and develo

Marked by teacher Laura Gater 10/04/2013

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