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Based on a true story, this is a fictional account of Sam Sheppard's final thoughts on his life.

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Based on a true story, this is a fictional account of Sam Sheppard's final thoughts on his life. Sam Sheppard a neurosurgeon living in the four-bedroom house perched nearly a hundred feet above Lake Erie, Cleveland, Ohio, was charged for the murder of his wife Marilyn Sheppard and sentenced to life imprisonment. However, with the help of his lawyer, he was released 12 years later. The following account is a fictional letter that is addressed to Sam Sheppard's son telling him all about Sam's life and revealing the truth about what really happened on the night of Marilyn's death. Dear Chip, Since the day your mother died, I haven't been able to keep in touch with you in the way that a father should. There are some things that you do not know about me. I am coming to a stage where I will be leaving this cruel world and starting a new life in heaven. As a result of this, I have decided that the best way to explain how I feel would be to write you this letter and hope that you read it some day. When your mother and I met, it was love at first sight. I was on my way to work, at the hospital I was working at in Cleveland. ...read more.


I listened to her advice, and went to live with a friend of mine for a few days. David Stone, who was one of my closest friends, knew where to go and enjoy life. He lived in a five star hotel, which one of the most relaxing places I had ever been to. Unfortunately, I spent one of my evenings in the bar. Before you were born I hardly ever drank alcohol, and even after you were born I hardly touched alcohol, but surprisingly, during the evening I spent in the hotel bar, I got drunk. The next thing I knew, I was being told by my friend that I had a call from a woman named Susan. She said that I had given her my number and I wanted to meet up with her some time. As she spoke I felt sick and ashamed. I had let down my wife and my kid. My affair with Susan was not really an affair. She was so desperate about having a man in her life that I could not let her feel that I had just led her on. All my life I had been up front with people, and told them exactly how I felt in simple words but somehow, with Susan, all my boldness had gone. ...read more.


I rushed upstairs, but just as I reached the top, I was knocked unconscious from behind. When I regained consciousness I found myself on the floor, beside the bed with your mother lying on it, battered to death. As I saw her body, the fact that she was dead, started to sink in. I looked around, and the whole room had been ransacked. The medicine bag caught my eye as it had been turned upside down with morphine missing from it. It seemed as if someone had broken in to the house, just for the morphine, but your mother was in the way. The moment this thought crossed my mind, I remembered you and went to check to see if you were safe. On my way to your room, I was knocked unconscious again, but this time from the side. I caught a glimpse of the attacker, and found that it was a woman. When I regained consciousness again, I rushed straight in to your room, to find that the attacker had filled your ears with cotton wool, so that you would not hear anything. I removed the cotton wool and set everything differently to how it originally was. I wanted to invent a story because I felt that the real story I have just revealed did not sound true. However, I want you to know that I did not have anything to do with the murder of your mother. Will miss you dearly, Your father, Sam Sheppard. Bhavik Samani ORIGINAL WRITING COURSEWORK ...read more.

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