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Based on the style model of 'Something Wicked This Way Comes.'

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Erin Buckley Based on the style model of 'Something Wicked This Way Comes.' By The Pricking of My Thumbs Stretched out beyond the horizon the road dragged on snaking away into the distance. The walls of the building were deep in the darkness of the shadows. The small pastel coloured sign creaked as it swung gently on its rusted hinges. 'Candy Box'. It sounded innocent enough and the sun was quickly descending from the sky. In a few minutes the road will be devoured by darkness leaving Carl Gunstone even more lost. Something suddenly flew from a corner underneath the roof making him almost loose his balance as he fell backwards to avoid the creature. The sound of fluttering wings now fading into the distance, had disturbed the eerie silence. Maybe he was thankful for that, although not knowing what animals wing had brushed against his face in the chaos of flapping had troubled him more than the blanket of silence had. It was probably just a bird or a bat anyway. He laughed out loud to himself to try and justify being so frightened, but the forced laugh was soon transformed into a cough ...read more.


The dust particles danced in the air before mournfully falling back towards the ground as the woman's feet disturbed them from their years of rest. She slowly shuffled towards the counter; which was situated just beyond him. Her feet barely left the ground as she tediously travelled from the doorway. The brown apron that covered her faded plain black dress moved gently, not with her movement but with the light breeze that seemed to squeeze through the cracks in the walls. The low squeaks from the rusted sign were still audible from inside although now they were slightly muffled. The sickly smell of sweets hung in the air choking and suffocating. The woman now stood behind the counter; she leaned against it wearily resting her arm on the old fashioned till. Now she was out of the shadows he turned to look at her, out of curiosity and politeness. Her grey hair was tied back but wisps fell lifelessly around her face, which was small and shrunken as her loose wrinkled skin clung to her bones as if in order to stay on. ...read more.


'And now it is getting late and I told the people I am staying with I would be there before dusk.' He said this quickly trying to avoid her stopping him again. 'No, they mustn't worry...' her gaze moved to fix on the shelves behind him and her mind drifted with it. 'I have a map, if you could just point out where...' he said, stopping as a strangle strangled laugh began to unexpectedly drone from the old woman. He looked at her puzzled. 'You won't find this place on a map,' she said smiling with the laugh still slightly in her voice. He was now even more puzzled. 'Just follow the road and you'll get to a motorway.' Then she began walking to the door she had come from. He turned around to thank her but she was already disappearing through the doorway. He turned and walked out the front door of the shop, too scared to exhale a sigh of relief at leaving that shop although he had never been so scared of being in a sweetshop, since the last time he was in one. He physically shuddered at the thought. Carl Gunstone got back into his car and continued down the old, unmarked road. ...read more.

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