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batman media essay

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Batman Media Essay The scene is set in the City. The trains are outdoors and are seen to be run down and vandalised. There seems to be a lot of big buildings and no sign of wildlife. Depressing smoke is everywhere suggesting evil. It is night time so everything is dark showing a sinister atmosphere. The weather is dull and foggy which reflects the negative mood which has already been brought about from the image of the city. The climax of the final confrontation between Batman and Henri Ducard begins with the element of surprise on the look of Henry Ducard's face as he turns towards the sound of screeching and screaming and through the smoky haze the silhouette of Batman flying towards him out of nowhere. Quick shots of about 3 seconds create curiosity and interest. The music builds on the menacing tension towards the two characters; slow, heavy, dullish tones. The quick cuts between close ups of Batman and Ducard gradually build tension and make the scene exciting to watch. This tells the audience that something big is about to happen and makes them want to carry on watching. The music softens when Batman and Ducard are talking so the audience can hear what is being said, but as the shots become slower, the music ...read more.


This brings dread to the shot because you don't want Batman to get hurt and you know that this is going to slow down him hopefully saving his city. Lighting is dark to create mystery in the shot, because you can't see where everyone is at al times. The shot then changes to Ducard in the train. You can see that he is trying to set of the poison to run around the rest of the city. A close up of his face shows his concentration on what he is doing. This shows how determined he is and makes you wonder if Batman will be able to stop him. Loud noises and a change of shot bring your attention to Batman who is fighting off the poisoned, drugged up citizens who are viciously attacking him. This brings tension and panic, keeping the audience glued to their screens because they want to know if he will manage to escape, and if so, how. We then come to see Ducard again, setting off the train with the poison on it. Batman manages to breaks free and catches hold of the train. After a short flash back to the nervous Policeman trying to control the car, we are back to Batman hanging on to his gun for his life. ...read more.


Different camera shots are used to capture as much of the drama as possible. The music in the background while Ducard and Batman are fighting is fast with small, loud jumps to increase the suspense. Slow motion is used when the train tracks on the bridge come falling down. This is to seize the moment because now the viewers know that the City is safe. But they don't know whether Batman is or not. Medium shots are used when batman has Ducard pinned down to the floor by his throat. This is another way that the director has built even more tension and suspense. Slow motion is used again when the train comes crashing to the ground. This is to capture the moment when Ducard dies. Explosives are exaggerated by sound effects to create a dramatic shot. The music dies down while the explosion of the train is happening so you can concentrate on the image in front of you, also because it makes you think the scene is over, but suddenly the music starts again with a far view of the city that has been saved. A shot of the old man sighing with relief calms down the nerves and starts setting a softer atmosphere. ...read more.

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