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Battlefield Description

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´╗┐The Moment Before the Battle Dusk is approaching but the heat does not retreat. The stagnant air still hangs loosely under the lambent sun. Weak rays of sunlight ignite the clouds, and burn across the sky, turning it into a sea of flames. A vast expanse of emptiness stretches underneath the alit clouds. The land is hot and dry, no seeds are germinating; no plants are growing; no animals are living. The sunrays have penetrated deeply into the ground, leaving huge cracks, splitting the land into millions of pieces. Nothing is in sight, apart from two fronts drawn between the Spartans and Persians. On one side, valiant Spartan soldiers stand uniformly. They are highly disciplined, but their growing impatience is becoming more and more apparent. ...read more.


Clad in gold lustrous armor, his battle horse neighs loudly at the sight of the enemies. It had lost one of its pupils during one of its ferocious battle, but the other is glaring and burning. Its thick muscular legs matches well with its rider. And like his malicious steed, the man is coated also in thick armor. Underneath the armor, his body is scarred with wounds acquired from countless battles and skirmishes. His eyes - like his soldiers - are full of hatred and anger, eager to slaughter the enemies. The piercing stare seems to penetrate the opponent lines, and none of the enemies dare to meet his gaze. The atmosphere on the other side is entirely different. ...read more.


They will hack through the enemy lines and mow down every single body standing in between them and victory. He signals and a prisoner of war is brought forth. The general calmly brings his sword up and bellows his ritual. The deep strong voice quakes the earth, and the enemies shiver uncontrollably in fear. Suddenly, he slices downwards with force and accuracy at the neck of the prisoner, blood spurting out as he soaks his sword in the enemy?s blood. The soldiers behind him erupt in cheers of approval and the horses neigh loudly. The ritual is done. The enemy will pay with blood. Every friend and family they have lost by the cruel invaders will be avenged with no holding back. Minutes later, the tumultuous uproar dies down, and only silence remains. It is time for battle. The general shrieks his war cry that pierces the eerie silence, and the cavalry charges towards the enemies. ...read more.

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