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Bawd. his poem is about a woman who wants to change her physical image, so she can get maybe get back with her previous partner.

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Bawd This poem is about a woman who wants to change her physical image, so she can get maybe get back with her previous partner. To do this she starts using excessive amounts of make-up & dressing in skimpy clothing. In this first couple of stanzas the woman talks about the things she will do when she goes out; the twist in this part of the poem is that everything she will dress up as and act, will not be her true self. In the first line of the opening stanza, the writer starts with a metaphor to show what the woman looks like; "I'll get all dolled up" This metaphor shows that she is fake & plastic; giving the stereotypical image of a doll. Meaning that the woman is not going to be herself, she is merely pretending to be something she is not. The poet goes on to say "In my glad rags" The choice of word on rags gives the impression that her clothes are skimpy and will just about cover her body; it will make people look at her, where ever she goes. Her choice of clothing suggests that she wants to be noticed and get peoples attention. Also, the choice of word on glad shows that the woman is going to have fun and enjoy herself. ...read more.


The woman's actions are described in a metaphor; "Be a bombshell" The woman is trying to say that she appears different to what she actually is; it's the image of something fake & pretending to be something. The character is trying to say that inside she is cold and dangerous. In the next line another metaphor is used to describe the woman. "Ill gold-dig, ill be frankly fake" The metaphor used for gold-dig shows that she is just with men to get their money, suggesting that she is very materialistic, and will go to tremendous lengths to get what she wants. Also the choice of words on frankly fake has a double meaning; firstly, it means that she will be honestly be a liar, plastic and not what she seems, pretending to like men, when she doesn't. These are an oxymoron, because honest and fake are opposites. As the poem develops, the words used to describe the character, her thoughts and her actions (past/present/future) become more menacing; various sinister things are mentioned such as, daggers, kill and hell. The pinnacle of the characters menacing behavior begins; "I'd frighten the French Ill be a torment, haunt men's dreams Ill wear my stockings black with seams." The choice of words used, torment, haunt & black are used to correspond to someone, in this case the character. ...read more.


The last couple of lines in the last stanza describe how the woman will act of around other people. "Make wisecracks, be witty of the cuff. Tell blue jokes in mixed company" This means that she will act clever and witty around both men and women. Also the choice of word on cuff shows how the poet uses various parts of the characters body to describe the characters actions. The poet then describes the character like an item in auction; "Ill be a bad lot" The poet is trying to say that with this woman, you won't know what you're buying, until the very end, just like an auction. The poet uses a metaphor to describe the characters appearance; "I've a brass neck, there is mayhem in my smile" The metaphor used on brass neck suggests that she is arrogant, she doesn't care what people think of her, not anymore. The choice of word on mayhem shows the characters true self. Also, the rhyme used on smile and style shows that she understands herself now and she is not confused. To conclude, I think that the character shown in this poem is a smart middle-aged woman, who has been pushed on to the wrong path in life. She is trying to make her life as best as possible by trying to make the best of the little assets she owns. She is simply in the course of a low point in her life. ...read more.

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