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Baz Luhrman's Romeo and Juliet

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YOU should be at home looking after the children, tidying the house, cooking, and sewing. YOU should be at work all day, providing for your family and keeping bread on the table....and YOU are just downright ugly you should lock yourself in your house and never leave That's what the public in Shakespeare's time was like. They had very strict opinions about how people should live their life, what role they should play in society...and even whom they should marry. The play Romeo and Juliet is a prime example of this, as two lovers who are forbidden by their families to be together, risk everything for love, and die tragic but heart warming deaths. Shakespeare wrote 'Romeo and Juliet' in 1595, and as I have already stated, society in that time was extremely fascist and very racist. Some of that racism and bitter stereotypes exist even today. Take Mercutio, for example. In the Baz Luhrman directed video of Romeo and Juliet, Mercutio is not only a black actor, he's also the only main black actor in the film. Mercutio is also thought to be taking drugs, or not quite all there in the head, as he talks of fairies..."Time out o' mind the fairies coachmen" In Shakespeare's time, only some one who was mentally challenged would dare talk about fairies in public, yet Mercutio feels no embarrassment at all. ...read more.


He would recklessly follow her through busy year-bases and crowded corridors, never letting her leave his site. I would direct this scene as such, as I feel it would be appealing to a teenage audience, and they would be able to relate to it more. Also, if the scene was directed in this way, the age gap between Romeo & Juliet would be more obvious, and would shock the audience more. This would have been ineffective in Shakespeare's original performances in the globe theatre, because to society at that time, there was nothing wrong about a thirteen year old marrying a seventeen year old. To them, as soon as a young lady became fertile, she was to be married, and begin having children. This differs considerably from modern society, as a thirteen year old girl is seen to be na�ve and vulnerable...nowhere near ready to have children of her own. In Baz Luhrmans interpretation, Juliet seems far from na�ve, very confident and self able. While Romeo flirts with her, she encourages it, smiling continuously, and fluttering her eyelashes, emphasizing her angelic beauty. She speaks softly and seductively, often complementing herself, just incase Romeo somehow failed to notice any aspect of Juliet's endless beauty. She reminds him that "..My bounty is as boundless as the sea.." ...read more.


Juliet, of course would have to act full of sorrow and remorse, but upon walking to the car, would cry desperate to use the toilet while her parents waited in the car. Once away from her parents, Juliet would unite with Romeo, where they would confess their love for each other, before being separated again for a while. This scene is vital in the play Romeo & Juliet, as it is the whole creation of the play. It is the part when Romeo & Juliet admit there love for each other, in overwhelming styles. I feel a modern day audience would appreciate this performance of Romeo & Juliet, as they would be able to relate to bad reports, an un-understanding mother and the pure rush of adrenaline, from being so secretive, yet obvious. I have no doubt that my personal directed scene would have been an utter disaster if it had been performed in Shakespeare's time, in the globe theatre, but I feel now that there is less racism, and prejudice in the world. In conclusion, I feel that Baz Luhrman succeeding in creating an entertaining yet original film, written by Shakespeare so long ago. Baz Lurhman added slight twist, with the aid of camera techniques, and imagination, and manipulated Shakespeare's work until it was suitable for a modern day audience. ...read more.

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