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Baz Luhrmann's Romeo and Juliet. What are the main ideas presented in the text? Discuss how language, film techniques and structures are used to convey these ideas and views to the responder.

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Main Essay 'Romeo and Juliet' Qs: What are the main ideas presented in the text? Discuss how language, film techniques and structures are used to convey these ideas and views to the responder. Romeo and Juliet. The name drifts our thoughts to one of the most renowned and famous Shakespearean plays in history. It is one of the greatest romantic tales, which has been made into various film versions, each for very a different audience. But even then, the main story line and ideas presented by the films remain the same. The latest and most appealing version for young viewers is the Baz Luhrmann version. The amazing director has given this world- known love story a modern- day twist. He has targeted teenagers and young viewers, so has made massive changes to the script. E.g. the setting is in a modern city near Verona beach instead of Fair Verona, the costuming is made modern too by dressing the Capulet's in suits giving them a chic gangster look and the Montague's in casual Hawaii shirts giving them a punk image. The movie has been transformed in Luhrmann's style while still retaining its original dialogue. ...read more.


The setting is a beautifully lit church, which is symbolizing heaven. No music but the use of silence is used to heighten the intensity and suspense of the drama. In the part where Juliet shoots herself, the chilling sound of the gun against dead silence has an incredible effect on thing. Again the Shakespeare lines have been taken out and the visual techniques are used to convey the same message. Luhrmann has tries to make the situation as romantic as possible and put emphasis on the beauty of their short romance rather than show the causes of the suicides. This is followed by a montage of scenes from their relationship to show the emotion and pain. Luhrmann shows that through death they are joined and their love still lives on and that love has conquered death. All this is shown by the use of dramatic modern music, silence, visual effects, fast- paced shots, rapidly changing camera angles and rapid zooming. The use of symbolism and impressionism is also used to draw the audience. In the scene where Romeo gatecrashes the party, everyone is dressed up in a costume that symbolises what they really are. ...read more.


of the violent atmosphere of our time as well as serving as a representation of love and conflict. Although this is a story which has been told many times before, Luhrmann keeps the ideas fresh, mainly by using a mixture of fast editing and cleverly choreographed fight scenes. Right from the dramatic beginning to the tragic ending, Romeo and Juliet will keep you captivated. This is evidence to Luhrmann's brilliant film directory. His ability to keep the audience wanting more is no more apparent than the ending. You would have to have been living under a rock, for the last 100 years to not know how Romeo and Juliet ends. But Luhrmann manages to keep the audience hoping that this time it will be different. In conclusion, though certain aspects like the setting, era are changed and the script is highly modified, the film revolves around the same ideas and serves as a classic example of the power of and beauty of love. Other aspects like the language or dialogue still remain the same. Luhrmann just uses the required action, film techniques, drama, excitement that is needed to draw his target audience. And in many people's opinion he has succeeded in a very skillful and clever way. ...read more.

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