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Baz Lurhmann's, Romeo and Juliet.

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English Coursework.Media-Baz Lurhmann's, Romeo and Juliet. Scene Analysis: scene 1 Set in 'fair Verona', Shakespeare's most famous, magical, heart-rending and tragic love- affair, Romeo and Juliet, has been cleverly transformed using a modern-day, urban backdrop to portray Baz Lurhmann's eccentric and exciting adaptation of Shakespeare's infinite phenomenon that is, Romeo and Juliet. Prior to the opening scene, there is an introduction that consists of a news reporter on a television set, reporting on the terrible fate of, 'a pair of star-crossed lovers', who 'take their lives'. The audience is captured by Shakespeare's spellbinding language and you can perceive from the deep, powerful words that the genre of the film is: love/ tragedy. The music used in the opening scene is of an Operatic style. I think Opera has been used to provoke emotion, feelings and to create tension. The powerful effect this music has on this amazing film, gives it drama, adds dimension and creates intrigue towards the plot among the audience. Throughout the film the audience are confronted by a juxtaposition of modern, contemporary settings and poetic, dramatic, Shakespearian language. These two elements completely conflict each other, which gives a shock factor when you first view this film. ...read more.


This clever technique evolves his character into a tense, dominating male with higher status than the other characters. His squinting facial expression and hateful words, makes it conspicuous to the viewers the temperament of his personality; threatening, emotionless and dangerous. On his entrance, country western music is incorporated into the scene. Normally, in old western films, this expresses that at any moment a fight will break out. He walks in-the camera only focusing on his black, metal-heeled, python-engraved boots. The sound of a match is lit and he lets it drop. With his distinctive boots, he stubs the match out with two loud, angry, pivots. The combination of the music and the fact that, he is in a petrol station and lets the match fall, knowing he could start a fire, shows he is fearless and increases the tension to 100%. When he fights, he almost looks like he is a Latino dancer. Comparative to the Montagues' gun fighting skills: point randomly and shoot, this defines how confident and intrepid he is. Whilst being shot at he casually performs a few tricks with his gun, like, twirling it around his fingers and flipping it up into the air, etc. ...read more.


Then again, without Shakespeare's fantastic language and intensity, it would not have had the same impact and endurance. Therefore, these two factors compliment each other wholly. The unique way the film has been produced, expresses to me that, you can revolutionise peoples' expectations of a Shakespeare classic and still result with a masterpiece. I give so much credit to Baz Lurhmann because he has retained the language, which most directors wouldn't. In doing so, he has kept the dignity, tradition and respect to Shakespeare, yet still making the film into a well-known original. He has popularised the film in a flamboyant way using his contrasting ideas and supplies the film with vigour. Shakespeare purists may think that this film is trashy, inadequate and too modern because it is so different. However, if you are open-minded and analyse the film as I have, you will perceive it from a different perspective. If Shakespeare was alive today, I think he would feel quite flattered and appreciate the fact that an amazing director has enjoyed his original so much. He has taken on board the responsibility to develop and interpret it into a modernized version, whilst still having the intelligence and recognition to preserve the everlasting quality that Shakespeare is internationally famous for; astounding poetry. ...read more.

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