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Be Careful What You Wish For

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Emma Nickson Original Writing Ashton-On-Ribble High School Be Careful What You Wish For Silence. The crisp sea air blew coldly against Bella' s face and waltzed with her chestnut hair. Bella could taste the freshness in the air and could smell the fishing boats in the harbour. The sun beamed down onto Bella's neck. Hot against her skin. The constant lapping of waves against the cliff face became incoherent to Bella, as did everything of significance. The everlastingness of the ocean and how it stretched out for miles and miles in front enchanted her. To anybody who passed she would have looked like the model of calm. But inside she was screaming. Bella didn't care. She wasn't self- conscious and couldn't care less about how the whole world perceived her. She hadn't for the past twenty-seven years of her life. Why should she begin now? Especially now, as she wouldn't mind slipping from the railings and falling to the vicious waves that were already seeming to engulf her. She could already see the headlines, "Local Girl Endures Fatal Fall is left to Mercy of Sea." Well it would be better than an overdose in her own bathroom. "11.30 Ferry to the Isle of Skye delayed. Now departing at 13.30. Sorry for any inconveniences this may have caused." Whistled the tanoid disrupting Bella Rose's silence. The woman didn't sound pleasant at all. "Great! Wonderful! Just marvellous!" Bella cursed, scaring off a few pigeons. ...read more.


She wanted to know more, but she didn't push the man any further. Suddenly, Bella had realised she had forgotten her own problems. Maybe her pain wasn't as bad as this old mans. Talking to this elderly gentleman had certainly helped her out of her suicidal mood. She looked across the bench. The elderly man was no longer there. For some reason, unknown to her she felt hurt. She was lonely now- a feeling she often felt as a child. An ice cream from the beach with raspberry ripple sauce and a flake usually helped her about now. As if my magic, or some telepathic ability, the old gentle man returned with two ice creams, topped with raspberry ripple sauce and a flake protruding from the two scoops of ice cream on top of a wafer thin cone. The man offered Bella one and sat down once again on the bench beside Bella. " Thanks" muttered the mystified, not to mention speechless, Bella. "You're welcome. My Dear " came the gentleman's ever increasing polite tone. " Ice Creams used to be my Annie's favourite sweet after a Sunday lunch." Bella ate her ice cream in silence. As she licked, she became mesmerised by how spherical the scoop of ice cream was, the circle never ended, just like her problems. She felt safe like she had nothing to care about just like in her youth. But her problems flooded back to her as the old mans staring distracted her attention. ...read more.


Once she reached it she uncovered what looked like a gravestone with a little angel on top. She uncovered it and read the epitaph: ANNIE McLaughan 1961- 1969 Sleep tight now little angel. Carry on your journey up to the kingdom of heaven. The sea might have taken your life but your soul lives on with your loving family. Bella was shocked. ANNIE. The old man's child. She must have drowned in the sea and died. Bella broke down into tears. Her tears pierced her face. She could have killed herself because she was so selfish. Images filled her head of the elderly gentleman constantly searching the sea for his Annie, never to find her again until it was his time to ascend to the heavens. Bella's imaginings were then interrupted, as the man's face became the face of her own father. He was calling her name- Bella! She wished when she left the house that something would calm her and bring her down to reason again. The solution to her problems came to her in that instance as well as masses of tears. Bella still cried on the point. She knew that to kill her self would be foolish. She should get on with her life, enjoy her self, and make up with her father. One word came across her lips, " Daddy" The sun set in the western sky. The tears highlighted on Bella's face were now tears of hope and happiness. Her wish had come true. Be Careful what you wish for- it may just come true... Original Writing English Coursework 1 Emma Nickson 11 set 1 ...read more.

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