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Beauty Through Their Eyes

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In the city of Lithria, beauty and opulence were paramount, its citizens never settling for second-best: even the streets shone like nowhere else in the world, and it was rumoured to be paved with gold, just so it would be pleasing to their eyes as when they looked out of their carriage windows. Leiana nervously played with her blue dress, that had pearls sewn onto the bodice, as well as being full of ruffles, feathers, and with chiffon overlay. Bracelets and necklaces with jewels craftily worked into the delicate filigree adorned her wrists and neck, completing the image of a high-class young lady in Lithria. She took a deep breath, looking down at her clothes, and nodded to herself, relieved to know that she was dressed well enough not to embarrass herself at the New Year's Eve ball being held at her family's mansion, even with the first time she had ever done anything like this. Leiana closed her eyes, and put on her mask. When she opened them, she turned to a mirror, and smiled at her reflection, feeling more relaxed. ...read more.


Panicked, she wondered if she had made a mistake to go down; she did not have the faintest idea on how to mingle with these people. "Hullo," a soft voice from behind her spoke up. Leiana whirled around, and came face to face with a tall, slender young man, about Leiana's age, with shoulder-length silver hair. He had on a half-moon mask of the same colour covering the upper half of his face, with spikes radiating along the top like stylised icicles. "Oh," she stuttered blushing. "Uh, hello?" The youth chuckled. "First time, then? Don't worry, everyone's been through it once." "I, well, yes, well," Leiana fumbled, stumbling over her words. "Relax," He assured her, offering her his arm. "I'll show you around." Nervously slipping her hand into his proffered arm, Leiana allowed the stranger to lead her around. The youth led her around, 'introducing' her to people of her own age, and Leiana began to loosen up. When the music started, she even accepted his invitation for a dance. ...read more.


Bong Sinking to the carpeted floor, she buried her face in her hands, trembled, listening to the bell. Bong Bong Bong Bong Bong As the last toll faded away, Leiana, with trembling hands, took off her mask, and stood up to face her mirror. She stared at her reflection in revulsion. The words of bygone days from numerous people echoed in Leiana's head. "Don't look at her, it's not polite to stare at the less fortunate..." "...Such a pity, she would have been beautiful if not for that unfortunate defect on her face..." Across the bridge of her nose, lay a thin, white scar, its length spanning two thirds of her face. A malformation. "How appalling." With a shriek, Leiana threw her mask at the mirror, shattering both the glass and the beautiful mask that had allowed her to live a normal life for one night. She ignored the voice at the back of her head about seven years of bad luck. After all, what was seven years compared to the whole life of a deformed freak? In the city of Lithria, beauty and opulence were paramount - an unspoken decree its citizens knew all too well, and were ruled by. ...read more.

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