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Before my time

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Before my time I woke up slowly that morning as if there was an absence of meaning in the day. as I turned over as I opened my eyes and looked at the clock flashing red in my face 6:23, 6:23, 6:23 I rolled over so I was staring at the cracks in the snow white ceiling. Suddenly I felt empty, deflated like a toy balloon. I looked back at the clock 6:24. I decided to get up; I went down stairs and got myself a glass of water trying not to wake anyone else in the house. The rest of the morning carried on as normal, watched morning TV, Saturday morning cartoons. People said I was too old but the cartoons were kind of the last grip I had on being a kid. Merissa came round about 10:30. She did every weekend. I remember the day she moved in next door and I caught her eye she was more beautiful than any girl I had ever come across, in more way than one. She always knew the right thing to say. I had taken that for granted. Our relationship was funny I had never asked her, just as she never asked me if we were going out or if we wanted to. ...read more.


Surely. That attitude lasted about ten seconds then I became angry like I had never been before. Merissa grabbed my hand and put her other on my shoulder I turned and pushed her she fell across the room onto the couch I stood and stared at her for seconds then with nothing ran for the door. I cant remember much after that I ran and ran and kept on running thinking over what I had just heard, what I had just done she tried to comfort me and I hurt her, the most important thing in the world to me. I was running like I was being chased, although I felt with the anger in me I could take on anyone. I remember reaching the gates and it was going dark. There was still enough light to see the names and lives of the hundreds of people lying there. This had been my favorite place for years, it was a place I could come to clear my head. But I was looking at it all differently that day. This place was history there were mayors lay next to quarry workers, captains in the army lay next to bakers. ...read more.


didn't know what to think of it I didn't know how to take it in, it read: Peter Hurst Smith 12 of May 1990 To 6th of September 2006 Loving brother and Son of Christine, Tony And Rachel A year from that day how was I meant to take that it was me and my families names on a headstone and I wasn't dead the date was that of the future it made no sense. I suddenly felt the urge to run again, I stood up and felt dizzy and sick but ran down the path with the gate in sight. I fell. Hit my head on the corner stone of a grave. When I woke up I was sat against that same black marble tombstone with Merissa sat next to me holding my hand tighter than anyone had ever held my hand. Then I knew she would never let go. After all I had done to her she still came looking for me. I looked back to the corner were MY gravestone was and there was nothing. Michael had the strength of 10 men at heart and I could see his strength in her. And I made the decision right there that I would never let go of Michael as I would never let go of her. ...read more.

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