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Begin your essay with: "The sight of the woman changed his life that day..."

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´╗┐Title: ?The sight of the woman changed his life that day?' The sight of the woman changed his life that day. If a face had the power to freeze time, hers would have brought the seconds, minutes and hours of the clock to a standstill. Until this day, he could still picture her face in his mind, those eyes - her haunting green eyes that pierced the very soul. He had been a man with a purpose. A man traveling down a road he was sure would be an inexorably smooth journey. He was successful; his life was all planned out. He was passionate about his work. That was before colours in his vision began to distort occasionally; before he reached out to touch something only to realize that it was a few feet further away than he thought; before he began tripping over unseen items on the floor; before the doctor told him he would be legally blind in 6 months. There was no way to overcome it, so appreciate your sight while you can, the doctor had advised him sadly. He had become a man without purpose, convinced that life had no more meaning. ...read more.


He began walking around the place and snapping photographs of the villagers and their poor living conditions. With every step and photograph he took, his spirits sank deeper and deeper into a pit of depression that he had already dug quite deep since his diagnosis. Every face he saw was filled with terror, despair and desperation hard times had left them with. The villagers here suffered starvation, draught, loss of family members, the intense heat and worst of all; they had no hope in their eyes. He felt an overwhelming wave of empathy ? he knew how it felt to be without hope. The sound of laughter in the distance stirred him out of his thoughts. The laughter sounded out of place in this dreary, dry village. He let the sound of the laughter lead him to a corner in a village. He saw a large group of children gathered around somebody in the centre who was clasping what looked like a book and reading aloud. Was this a teaching session? He moved closer?some of the children glanced at him briefly then turned their attention back to the figure in the middle. ...read more.


He was absolutely inundated and floundered with a mass of emotions. He knew that he shared the same fate as her, to live without vision. But this woman?she lived in a war-stricken country where poverty and starvation amongst other problems were unresolved, serious issues, yet she lived through it without her sight. She even taught the village children using Braille. She was a beacon of hope to them, to educate them, give them a hope and a future. He remembered how her eyes, though blind, had stared at him with what he just realized was like a hint of mockery and sympathy, as if she knew what his future and his plan was; as if she was challenging him. The sight of the woman changed his life that day. He decided to accept her unsaid challenge. He would carry on with his life, with or without his sight. If a woman such as her could embrace that adversity in the condition she lived in, and still found the strength to inspire children by educating them, he would be a pathetic coward to end his life. He had so much more than she did, but she possessed what mattered most - wisdom, courage and integrity, and she had helped him find it. ...read more.

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